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Learning More About Poliquin

Since Charles Poliquin has come back to T-Nation, I’ve become very interested on his ideas on training, nutrition and supplementation. I was wondering what would be the best route to learn more about his ideas?

I’ve already read all of the articles I can find of his and am now looking to go a little further… Does anybody own any of his books? Which would be the best for me to buy? I thought maybe “Poliquin’s Principles”, but couldn’t get a very good description of what was in the book… Does “Poliquins Principles” go into more than just training?

Thanks for your help in advance.

in hopes of a response.

The Poliquin Principles is an excellent bodybuilding book.

Chapters on training every body part, as well as the whole science of reps, rest, tempo, etc.

Highly recommend it.


Thanks TC. Just about to buy a couple of copies of your book, one for me and the rest to give out to some friends who I think will both enjoy and benefit from it.
Ok, so that should cover the lifting end of things. Any recommendations for the supplement and nutrition side of things?

I’ve worked through Winning the Arms Race twice and made huge improvements. I highly recommend it.

Though the guy sometimes writes controversial stuff, his principles have worked for me and I can’t fault him for being opinionated.

Does he have a myspace account?

[quote]smallmike wrote:
Does he have a myspace account?[/quote]


[quote]smallmike wrote:
Does he have a myspace account?[/quote]

Major LOL

Best thing to do is take a SEMINAR.

He gives more to his seminars than his books and articles.

Some his methods change frequently and most of those books are written a few years back.

I like modern trends in strength training.

Its also fun to get a phone consultation with him, Expensive but will blast through your plateaus faster than a mouth full of dbol.