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Learning Hang Clean. What Muscles?


can any experts in oly lifting in the forum tell me, when one learns to do clean, hanging clean to be exact, what muscles will feel it if he/she does it right?

are the front delts and upper part of the lower back?


main: traps, back, upperback, legs

I don't feel it much in my legs now (12yrs training) as they are use to the pounding. The thing that gets a pounding for me is traps if I haven't lifted in a while. Legs don't feel it as much.



Koing, thank's for the reply.
I did it wrong then ... I felt the front delts takes most of the beating and have a strange pump on them when I looked at the mirror after the workout.
I guess raising the elbows fast while going under the bar are the reason because I never do this movement before.
Perhaps I should 'snap' the bar more with back & traps.


Maybe try using your hips. Dan John has a fairly recent article here on the 'hip hinge' movement. Sounds to me like you are using your arms to reverse arm curl it rather than getting the hip hinge to do most of the work. Could be wrong, though.



alexus, thank's for the for the input though I don't think I do that since my biceps & forearms are not pumped.
Perhaps it is caused by lack of flexibility (wrists, elbows, shoulder and hips).
What I did is that I lift my elbow as high & as fast as I can and using the tip of my fingers I 'push' the bar toward my neck. I guess these are the causes ...


When I hold the bar in the rack position my delts pop out. I guess that means they are being recruited. Maybe you are getting some DOMS there if you aren't used to holding the bar in the rack position. I don't know what you mean about pushing the bar with your fingers. The bar just lands on my delts. A vid would help.


You are right, I am not used to the rack position.
That's why while I need to hold my elbows high, I need to 'push' the bar with my finger tips toward my neck (to a point of half-choke) to help with the rack position.
This configuration is not natural for me - I'm not a good front squatter.


Hey, sawahladang, in what city do you currently reside? I'm in Bandung.

I used to hate hangs (because I became so slow when doing them) but it's one of my favorite exercise now. In my gym, it has the reputation as the callus ripper (happened to me once).

BTW if you're still not satisfied with your hangs, try to emphasize the head lead more (a good advice from Koing).