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Learning CSS, HTML and PHP


I am interested in learning CSS, PHP and HTML. For those of you who Knowledgeable in this subject where do you recommend I start?

Is there an online university course I should Take?


codeacademy has a great online tutorial


Try teamtreehouse.com its only $25 a month and free trial of course to see if you like its learning style. The paid ones tend to be better and your more accountable to actually learn from it when your paying so you feel like your getting your moneys worth.


x2 on Code Academy. I used it years ago out of self interest. It is free and you will learn the code.


Alright appreciate the advice guys. I thought perhaps there would be an online course through a college or university, but everyone is basically telling me code academy or w3 school


If there was it wouldn’t be worth it assuming the cost is the same as any other university class. The exception is if its part of BS degree then your really paying for the degree, any individual topic you learn isn’t worth the cost on its own, your paying for accreditation.