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Learning as Much as Possible

Hi all.

okay, my question is this: does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for where someone who wants to learn as much as possible about any/everything to do w/fitness and health from the bottom to go and find this information?
(books, sites, school?)

I’ve been training for a year now, but not on my own. I have so much to learn and I’d like to know it all for myself - the basics - ie: what fats and carbs and proteins do to your body physically; body composition; ANYthing to help to better understand being healthy.

I hope this is clear enough. I’m tired and my mind isn’t so sharp at the moment. Sorry guys.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Your already here :slight_smile:

Try the archives button at the top of the screen.

[quote]BorisTheSpider wrote:
Your already here :slight_smile:

Try the archives button at the top of the screen.[/quote]

Basically true. Read everything John Berardi has written for this site. Read Jilly’s thread geared toward female weight training. Vroom’s beginner thread. That should give you a LOT to chew on and go a long way towards getting you truly educated on fitness and nutrtion.

I’m beat also and headed to bed or I’d give you the links. If you’re having trouble stuff, bump this up later and I or someone else will give you more specific info.

Here’s the beginner thread, it has links to a lot of the things mentioned above…


The blue Article Library button on the left side of the page is your portal to all that you seek…

Well, it’s a really good starting place anyway :slight_smile:

thanks everyone!

Man, there is SO much info out there! I guess I should start looking through the site more before I post next time. But this stuff is VERY helpful!