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Learning About Obama Care


I am trying to learn as much as I can about obama care, There is quite a bit of info on wikipedia but I am not sure what reform act or law he used to make health insurance mandatory. So far I am thinking it is the United States National Health Care Act, or am I way off base here.

Is the current goal of obama to make health insurance affordable for everyone (and required) by raising my insurance premiums to pay for fat people that dont give a shit?

I am confused, smarter people with more insights are wanted.


This is why watching Fox News is bad...


You're already paying for that. Also this should be in PWI.




You would think that Obamacare would make health insurance cheaper, but we got ass raped without lube. Hell starting next year I have to pay an extra 100 a month just to keep my current plan.
Hopefully it will be repealed hence it going to the supreme court and the libs trying to discredit Judge Clarence Thomas, who by the way is black. His health care plan will resurface just in time for re-election.


Lucky me, I don't have to wait for next year to get far worse coverage at higher prices.

As I sit, I am going over the new plan that was dropped on me and over 100 other employees just today.

Some highlights...

Old deductibles (as of yesterday) $3000 individual, $5000 family
Today $5000 individual, $10000 family (in network, double if out)

Old office visit copay $25
New copay 20% of negotiated rate if accepted by physician.

Old prescription coverage $8 generic $30 on generic
New $10 generic, otherwise $200 brand name deductible then a $35 copay. As my son has allergy/asthma issues, a few of his meds have no generic version. Can't wait to see how this will work out.

Another kicker. My wife has had some issues this year that required surgeries. Add to this a broken arm for my daughter and a torn plantar ligament for myself and CT surgery, we had maxed out our out of pocket maximums that were to carry through to the end of the physical year. This was good as my wife is going to have to have another operation. We were planning to handle it at the end of the month.

I was notified today that as the program is changing today the max out of pocket, effective today, had increased to $12000 per family, ($6000 per individual). Now I will have to pony up the first $3000 of the upcoming procedure.

I realize that this has been an unusual year for us and hopefully will not repeat anytime soon. I do realize, however, that the majority of households, having the coverage that I did have and now have, could not manage the out of pocket expense that I have dealt with so far. I am fortunate to live beneath my means and to be a decent steward of money. Even so, there is only so much that I could take and still make mortgage, food, gas, utilities, etc..

Dalibama Care is not looking so damn hot from where I am standing. If this is the type of affordable health care that is coming, I don't know how much I can stand.


Jeaton I feel your pain. I thought healthcare prices where gonna go down. Such a damn lie. Sorry about your family man, let's hope it is a unusual yr for you. My only solace lies in the fact that Aetna has paid out over 1 million for our son's healthcare while in ICU.
On the bright your gonna get free health care according to Obummer right?


It's Socialism at it's finest.



We will be ok. Unless, of course, the Gubament decides to step in and help more.

Oh, I forgot the best part. I get to pay an additional $157 a month for the privilege of getting ass raped by this new coverage BCBS. Ain't socialism great.


another side of this that nobody really seams to be talking about is that hospitals are also increasing requirements for assistance. For example, in order to get financial assistance you needed to make under 45k, as of this year it is now 20k at both of the local hospital where im at.


Well at least all of our representatives took the time to carefully read through the whole bill before voting on it....to make sure that they understood the costs and impacts of this multi-trillion dollar undertaking.

Oh wait..........


Don't forget we could read the bill online as well as Barack promised us since he is the most transparent president ever and when he smiles he creates rainbows and unicorns sing


Any chance this thing gets repealed? It seems to me that we have stopped fighting it. Thoughts?


I disagree , it is capitalism at it's finest


True, the respect for private capital and the free decisions of the customers is practically exemplified in the US health care system.

No, really, you cannot even thing "cutthroat competition" without the US health care system coming to mind.

Which is of course why the services get cheaper and better by the minute.


Wow pitbull sounds like you are wrong once again.


I dunno, if you listen for example to Micheal Moore, it is apparent that he has no real problems with capitalism.

He just thinks that the old capitalism was when an entrepreneur would bring something to the market and get a disproportionate share of the profit whereas the new capitalism consists of big corporations in cahoots with Washington that fleece the public.

Other than him naming that fascist clusterfuck "capitalism" I cannot say that I disagree.


Insurance of any kind is already a private form of distribution anyway. When an insurer can't raise a risky individual's premium they charge and spread over the other peoples' premiums. With the current reform plan, your standard health insurers are maybe raising rates in anticipation for the extra risk that will have to carry from all these new people signing up. It's not that these insurers are actually losing money right now but they want to maintain their profit margins and take a pre-emptive stance on something they perceive to be uncertain in terms of the effect it will have. There is no doubt most of these insurers can absorb substantial provisions.

That leads me to think that your smaller insurers in the market probably haven't moved their rates and if they have you can't really place all the rate rises all on the new reform law. You have to consider the economic situation in the US (and the world for that matter) and increasing costs, in addition to the doctor shortage in the US (and also many other places in the world).


I am presently insured paying market value for that insurance , I have medical , dental and eye care the medical and dental I have not used because with my deductible and co pay they are cheaper as a cash price , I will drop them. Kind of with the Medical I have a deductible of $900 and if I want to remove a cyst I will burn up all the $900 deductible or I can have it removed for $300 cash, This is capitalism , I will how ever keep the Medical side just in case I have something serious some day


No, the pretense of private control of capital with a micromanaging of the market by the government is fascism.

Or, if you prefer that, corporatism, Mussolini would approve.