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Learning About Juice


Ok Im a newbie, and i have been doing my reading. (My head is swimming)

My basic goal right now is fat loss. ive heard that just testosterone can help this.

Ive seen a few kinds and want to know what works best, whats more readily available etc.

Of course once I get this information, finding it is entirely different


If you're just concerned with fat-loss why are you looking into AAS?

Buy some HOT-ROX or Carbolin 19.


i tried HOT-ROX when it first came out 2 years ago. it never really did anything for me. Onlything that ever helped was hydroxy cut with ephedra.

In a post ephedra world, Im not having much luck


You can by pure ephedrine at any gas station in the US (in most states at least)


Were you eating clean? You can have the greatest supplements in the world, but if you eat like crap, they're not going to do anything for you.


yeah i eat clean lift, do cardio..my body just gets stuck..

Im 5'11 and have been at 217 lbs for 2 months. ive satyed the course havent cheated, watched the calories....

I just need something to get the metabolism going...and what octane at the gas station =P


I'd appreciate if you could post a normal days food consumption, that'd better help us guage whether or not you're truly eating clean. And what is your actual caloric intake like each day?

Did you read the article for Carbolin 19? I'd try that next before AAS.


I've never heard of testosterone being used for fat loss. If you are interested in AAS for fat loss check out Anavar, Clen (though this technically is not an AAS), EQ, Fina (inj.), or Masteron (if you can find it).