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Learning About Dieting

Ok guys…I have a friend that I have taken under my wing to train. He’s a very intelligent individual with incredible genetics (rather awesome defintion b/c his diet is horrendous based on our standards…how he has abs I’ll never know). The problem though is that he doesn’t understand the basic differences between fat and carbs and protein so while he understands the premise of massive eating…the meal planning is very difficult. What articles would you guys suggest to get him started on his nutritional learning experiences? Please post the links to them so I can ask him to read them.

Berardi’s 7 tips to eating healthy.

Tdawg 2.0 once he learns how to read nutrition labels.

Give him the url for this site. Tell him to search on John Berari or Lonnie Lowrey. That or search on Massive Eating, T-Dawg 2.0 or the wor diet or nutrition.

Well I’ve already had him read Massive Eating parts 1 and 2…Massive Eating Reloaded is the next part…Lowery’s a good idea. He’s familiar with this website…I"ve made him read it enough. Foods that make you look Good Nekid seems liek another good idea