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Leaning Up For Summer


Hey Guys,

I new at the forum, so please let me know if I'm posting wrong, or if I should be able to find my answers in some way :-).

I actually only have one question: Since the summer is coming I'm like almost everybody else trimming down. If I follow my nutrition (~700 kcal below maintenance) and workout plan I'll go from a weight at 215lbs @ BF% ~20 (currently) to a weight at 198lbs @ BF% ~13 (3.5 months from now).

Can HOT-ROX, Carbolin 19, or Methoxy-7 (or other products) help me achieve a body weight at 198lbs (same weight) but with a lower BF% (i.e. ~10%)??

Thanks guys



OK you state you have a nutrition plan and workout plan that will get you to your goals as well as some damn fine supps. Im not seeing what the question is and where you need this HELP??

Maybe more direct questions and samples of what you feel the problems may be stemming from. Diet and training plans,



Okay my post was perhaps a bit cryptic written so I'll try and make it clearer.

If I follow my current plan then I'll lose 17lbs (down from 215 to 198) and my BF% will go down from 20 to 13. This is without ANY supps.

My question is the following: Can products like HOT-ROX, Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7 (or other products) improve my results? e.g. result in that I'll end up weighing the same as planned (198lbs), but have a BF% that is lower than without the supps? (i.e. 10% instead of 13%).



If you are primarily interested in weight-loss, use HOT-ROX. It helps lose fat while retaining muscle.

It sounds like you know what you are doing. The HOT-ROX can help a bit, and is worth the money.


Yeah I kind of figured that one out by reading about the different products.

What essentially needs to happen I believe is that if I want to end up with same weight but with a lower BF% than without the supps. Then the products should help me i.e. losing 20lbs instead of 17lbs and at the same time gaining i.e. 3lbs of muscle tissue in the cutting period.

Can the products do that? And would it be beneficial to stack any of the products and how? All this while being on a diet ~700kcal below maintenance.



Interesting... I too would suggest the HOT-ROX for all out fat loss, but I think your weight would also decrease further than expected. I really like the way I feel on HOT-ROX, but I actually would suggest Carbolin 19 for a body fat reduction that isn't as drastic but will look so as it promotes a gain in lean muscle mass. Just another way to go about I guess...

I suppose I'm attempting to suggest that there are options, not just one "right" way to do it.


Well its an either or thing both being great but. HOT-ROX you may lose more BF but it should also help preserve muscle as well. Win win. The Carbolin 19 you may not lose as much BF as the HOT-ROX but more than without it, but should also preserve and or build some lbm.

Let us know how it goes,


Thanks for your answers guys :slight_smile: I think I'll go with the Carbolin 19 and stack it up with Methoxy-7 and see how it works out.

I'll update the thread when I have further insight :slight_smile:



I just hope you're not jumping from a bulk to a pretty drastic cut.


If you mean going from 500kcal above maintenance to 700 below maintenance from day to day then the answer is no.

Three weeks ago I started slowly reducing my kcals by 200kcal by each 7 days. (i.e. bulk was 4000kcal/day, removed 200kcal the first week => 3800kcal/day, 7 days later I lowered that to 3600/day, etc.).

Currently I'm slightly below maintenance (3400kcal/day). I have just finished my workout cycle and I'll take a week off (strategic deconditioning) with 300kcal below maintenance. After SD I'll go 700kcal below maintenance while starting over on my program.

Any comments to that by the way?


NB: I wanted to attach my workout program, but I only have it in excel format.