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Leaning Up For Spring Break


So I'm heading down to Costa Rica for Spring Break. Anyone have any success leaning up in like 4 weeks? I hate cutting and doing cardio but I lose weight real easily if I dont get 6 or 7 meals in daily. Any suggestions?

I am 5'11 at 187 and BF is in low teens.




ehh don't worry about it. The girls will be too drunk to care if you're at 8% or 12% BF, lol.



Im in the same boat as you, Spring Break in a month, finally 21 for this one, wanna be cut for the babies..etc etc..

I started this rediculous "6-Week Plan" as I entitled it being at around 1500 KCal exercizing 6 days a week and taking Universal M.Stack, Redline, ZMA, 5-HTP, along with the usual protein powders, creatine, etc etc...

Then I realized that dieting right up intil I go off to binge on booze and one night stands is like the worst thing.

Just drop your Kcal by 250 this week, then by 500 till a few days to a week before you leave and then eat at maintenance for a bit. Having a supressed metabolism when you start partying hard might very well put on some serious weight in a short amount of time.

The V-diet would drop your weight, but you are obviously a college student, so thats some serious dough, plus without a proper transition period, you could pack some fat right back on. Good Luck!




little babies dont care if your cut, but being cut or not cut your still sick if u plan on getting with children on spring break.


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