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Leaning Out

Over the last few months I have went from around 165 to around 178lbs. Most of the gains have been muscle, but I have definitely put on some fat as well, and I am now probably at 12% bodyfat. My goal right now is to continue increasing strength (I do 5/3/1 2-3 days a week) while maintaining weight and losing bodyfat.

Right now I eat pretty heavily generally, but my general body composition has stayed the same for a few weeks I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so between that and lifting I do 6 days a week of 1hr+ intense exercise, plus a lot of walking, so I have high calorie needs. I have never dieted before except to cut weight for competitions, but I want to do something a lot less drastic. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I think everyones goal is to get stronger without getting fat. There’s always at least a little compromise somewhere. Eat clean and work hard is the best. There are many threads and articles out there on different diets. Find the one that works for you.

And 178lb doesn’t sound that big. Unless you are like 5’4 or something.

I’m not looking to get bigger, just stronger, as I compete in a sport with weight classes and got up to this weight specifically with the goal of being able to compete at 175. I would have to put on a lot more mass to get up to the next classs of 189, and am not interested in doing so.

Anyone else have input? I can easily diet down to lower weight, but I want to know what my diet approach should be to maintain weight but lose some fat. My overall goal is to be very strong for my weight, and I imagine at some level doing so involves getting leaner.

Might be able to say something a bit more in depth later, but for now you can definitely afford to get up to 187 if you want to compete at 175. A ten pound cut is nothing, can be done inside a month easily. At the very least you can get up to 183 or so. You can drop 3 lbs of water inside a day. As it is, you dont have to cut at all to make your weight class because dropping water for a day will do it. So there’s plenty of room to get stronger and bigger without blowing your weight class.

Short term guidelines for staying maintenance are simple…just look at the scale. If it moves up, eat less, if it moves down, eat more. Yes, its general…its also that simple.

The big points to focus on are: eat big breakfast, eat big around the workout. Comcentrate on the peri-workout nutrition: before, durin, after both weights and bjj. Those are the times you need to focus on eating the most calories.

Great, thanks for the advice! I am interested in staying pretty close to 175 since the major tournaments have weigh-ins right before you step on the mat, and I cannot perform well dehydrated. I used to cut 8-12lbs for many tournaments with night before weigh-ins, and agree it is not that hard, but for anything with same day or especially right before weigh-ins I cannot be much heavier than 178 going into it. I already fluctuate between 178-180, so I think my focus really needs to be on leaning out.

My scale weight only moves slightly with my current diet, I am consistently gaining strength on 5/3/1, and feel much stronger on the mats, so maybe this just a case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fit it”

I would tend to agree. I didnt realize your weigh-in was right at your match time, so in that case you definitely have the right idea. Id still focus your efforts around thos two times, just because they pay the greatest dividends regardless of goal with the scale. Better recovery.