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Leaning Out With 5/3/1 (Requesting Help)

Hi guys, first post here!

First things first, a little about me and my stats.
Age: 25
Training history: since 2009
Weight: 210lbs
Height: 5’6

Currently coming off my first cycle of 600mg test e EW 12 weeks. I don’t know if this is allowed here, but my questions don’t reference to AAS at all.
Last pin was June 29th, so numbers dropped significantly. After my pin, I took a nice long and very unhealthy visit to Miami Beach.
PR (on AAS obviously)
Bench: 405lbs
Squat: 425lbs
Deadlift: 495lbs
OHP: 215lbs
I blame my piss poor squat on my knees. Had some “accidents” in the military and the knees never felt the same.

Current numbers:
Bench: 295x5
Squat: 315x5
Deadlift: 385x5
OHP: 175x5

Currently on day 3 of diet which consist of:
281 pro
156 carb
83 fat
2,500 calories.

My goals are to drop some BF% while continuing to get stronger on the 4 lifts. Hence why the calories are 2,500. My cardio is pretty simple. I walk for 3 miles on the treadmill 3-4 times a week.

Any ideas on how I can go about this?

The answer is going be conditioning. Running, jumping, throwing, prowler/sled.

A very small deficit and train as normal: push the plus sets, do your conditionin, etc. Bench may not move as well as the other three but otherwise you should be fine.

Holy bench press, Batman!

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Eating well is so important. Veggies, fruits, and lean meat.

The only thing I have going for me.

To lean out , and get stronger takes a little more work, than either goal alone .
I would lift with as little rest as possible between sets, and try to use pull-ups, chins between upper body and some flexibility between lower body. Train fast as possible . Use all compound movements. Start with between 80-90% of a true current 1RM. Push your AMRAP sets ,and the down sets. As a lifetime natural trainer, my other advice would be to really consider your overall calories. You will need to be more on the positive side to make gains. Don’t eat crap, and you will get stronger. Your appearance will be different without the AAS. Train for your goals.
Good luck, and most of all be patience . Gains without AAS are slower