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Leaning Out, Whilst Gaining


Hey fellas, just wondering whether I could get some input on my diet I've made, i begin this on friday.

This will be a typical training day.

I'm about 91kgs/200lbs

I'm hoping this diet will clean up some bodyfat whilst allowing me to gain for a few more weeks till I do a full on cut. I realise others will say dont, keep going, but in all honesty I feel I have to do this.

After a few weeks I'll begin dropping the cals a little, and clean up the carbs, from white to brown rice, sweet potatoes etc.

Anythoughts, would be appreciated.


Forgot to say, some additional calories will come from vegies I add to all meals, in addition to fish oil supps. The diet is simple for a reason. Easier it is to make and eat, the easier it is to stick to it.


What kind of input are you looking for? I gained weight and lost a little body fat but I was also doing "low int" cardio and the calorie increase was just an addition of carbs while jacking up my protein intake. Your flow chart doesn't really mean much to me because you base how you eat on your results.

Check this, at times that I felt like I needed to drop some fat, unless doing an all out cut, cleaning up the diet, getting rid of fast food and a few cardio sessions while working on holding my weight works best but the overall effect is minimal unless you are carrying a shit load of muscle.


Looks ok on paper. Is this everyday? White rice and brown rice are virtually the same so I wouldn't bother. How about a couple lower carb days or front loading calories on off days? Best of luck. Keep us updated.


No fruit? Otherwise looks solid.


Well thats sort of what im hoping. To tell you the truth, my diet consists of burgers, eggs and steak, milk, bread, peanut butter, whey and whats for dinner. So yeah, im hoping my tapering carbs peri-workout and deleting all fast food, i should take some fat off, just feeling 22%BF (9-site calipers) is too high, so hoping at least to drop to 15% maybe. Who knows. Aint nuttin to it, but to do it.


Do you have any links to info on loading calories??


Nope. Just an idea I had that seems to work pretty well. Daily caloric intake is what is most important followed by timing. I start off easy with a small breakfast then get most of my cals early on before I lift at night. I'm a big believer in not eating at least 2 (more like 3-4) hours before bed especially grains. I feel so much more focused and energetic when I do so.