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Leaning Out For 4 Weeks?

let me start by saying im no newb when it comes to working out, but definatly no guru at it ither.

  1. 5 years of solid training where its always been my number 1 priority.
  2. i know how to eat clean and well.
  3. i know which cardio to do, and how much i should be doing.
    but then again when it comes to cutting i have no real experience on it.

planning on cutting for 4, MAYBE 6 weeks. im going on vaction soon would love to be cut, but im not expecting to get SHREDDED in just 4-6 weeks. im about 16%~ BF also on a bulking cycle along with taking AAS, cypionate 500mg deca 300mg weekly.

i will still be on AAS for when i plan on cutting. some peeps gonna argue saying you should stick to ether cutting or bulking and i agree, but i dont wanna get to big on my cycle to avoid the whole steroid questioning.

my question is, if i put the time and effort + eat right is it possible to drop about 5-10lbs of pure fat? ive never really cut before so i dont know. i also have albuterol that i plan on using for the last 2 weeks of cutting.

i also know im going to have a HARD time cutting on carbs, any advise on what foods to go out and buy you find are really filling and low on carbs. i seem to never be able to get full without any carbs… any other advise would be much appricated.


come on people, i know you have advice for this cutting amateur!

Although, I have never used any of the supplementation methods you are employing what I can say is that from experience I have found that I can safely burn about one pound of fat per week and maintain all muscle and maintain or increase strength.

If I increase the pace faster than that I start to compromise muscle tissue. What this entails is eating about 250kcal below my maintenance, using HIIT only twice per week but just totally busting my ass on the HIIT to where I dread even thinking about it and keep lifting heavy. Ever so often I may come out of this after a month or two and find I have a bit more (talking one to two pounds) of lean body mass than I did before.

What I’ve also found is that every 0.25" I lose off my waist equates to 1lbs of fat loss. This said, when I am resetting my fat and waist measurement after gaining I shoot for an inch off the waist per month.

Granted when you first begin a hypocaloric diet everything else that goes along with burning fat, you will drop waist and scale measurements more rapidly than I have stated, which is usually due to water weight so things don’t level out to the ratio above until about the second to third week.

This is what I have experienced.

For you judging where you are at and how much time you have to be lean I would suggest a bf of around 10%. If you’re at 16% right now, I can see you safely reaching the 10% mark without compromising muscle gains in about two to three months. BUT since you’re using anabolic steriods, that time frame should be drastically reduced.

Give it a shot and see what happends. All you can really do is try your best for a month and see where you’re at.

thx buddy. what were you doing to keep ur carbs low? that i know is going to be the hardest for me.

6 weeks on some hard core dieting while on aas should net you very good results. It just all depends on how much effort you want to put into cardio and dieting.

With diet you will likely up your protein to 300-350 grams per day. Around 100 grams of carbs per day with most of them taken post work out. Fiberous carbs will be your friend. 150ish grams of fat per day coming from all the good sources. Ratios something like that should do the trick and they can be changed as your body composition changes.

how much cardio you suggest to do while cutting on aas? i was thinking of doing 30 min aerobic cardio 5-6 times a week but not sure if i would benefit better if i up the cardio a lot more on aas.

as for protiens thats no problem at all, and i always eat healthy. the 100-150 even 200 carbs a day will be hard for me i know it. but besides that the effort is always there and i put the gym before all else.

something that im unsure of is the ammount of caleries i should be taking in daily. i dont want to go to low but i also dont want to get to much. does 2500 cals daily sound resonable for cutting? or maybe i should start at lets say 3000 then work my way down too 2xxx as the weeks progress?

I think it’s totally realistic. I’ve dropped 10 lbs of fat without muscle and strength losses in 6 weeks without any steroids at all.

If you are using AAS, you can drop fat much quicker than if you were natural. You could put yourself in a very big caloric deficit without having to worry about losing muscle. You will most likely still gain some lean mass even if you are at a deficit of greater than 1000 calories a day. You could make that deficit even higher, but then you will probably only maintain lean mass.