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Leaning Out, Feedback on Plan


Thought I would lean out a little =]

I am going to be doing a ketogenic diet using progressive calorific restriction - dropping 250 calories every 2 weeks for a total of 8 weeks starting at 3000 calories.

Macro split is done in the fashion outlined by CT in his nutrition for newbies series:
Protein = 1.5*bodyweight (lbs)
Fat = (total calories - protein calories)*0.9/9
Carbs = (total calories - protein calories)*0.1/4

Basically split up into construction calories and energy calories... with a 90:10 split of fat to carbs in the energy calories.

Due to work restrictions I will be eating 5 meals a day spaced 3-4 hours appart with the exception of workout days where there will be an additional PWO shake.

The eating plan will be structured as follows:
Meal 1: P+F, 30% total calories
Meal 2: P+F, 20% total calories
Meal 3: P+F, 20% total calories
Meal 4: P+F, 20% total calories
Meal 5: P+F, 10% total calories

PWO shake: 40g protein, 20g carbs, 5g BCAA's, 5g creatine

My supplementation plan will be fairly simple:

-HOT-ROX Extreme will be taken 2x1 times a day for the first four weeks and then stepped up to 2x2 a day for the remaining four weeks as my tolerance increases.
-20g of my fat a day will come from fish oil capsules
-BCAA's be taken... 10g pre fasted morning walk and on training days an additional 5g pre/post workout.
-Creatine will be taken 5g post workout and 5g somewhere else on non training days to minimise fluctuations in body comp.

My training will be fairly simple... every day will start off with a HOT-ROX Extreme+BCAA dose to fuel me for a 45-60 min fasted morning walk at low intensity with a 20kg weighted backpack.

3 days of the week will be devoted into heavy lifting... two full body sessions and one more strongman/GPP/isolation dominant.

Coming off the diet will be fairly simple... 4 week bridge to maintenance at a similar macro split, switching HRE for CLA+Green tea extract an swapping 3 of the fasted morning walks with 3 non fasted 30 min cardio sessions to sort out the insulin sensitivity.

I think thats more or less everything... Just wanted to share what I have created and before starting would like to know what people think of this plan and if any major flaws have been spotted.

Thank you for your time.


with a quick look it seems you have everything together; good luck!

the only thing i found was your BCAA intake is pretty low. granted is just a supplement; but when i leaned out i mega dosed around my training (10g pre, 10g, peri, 20g post). i went from 5g/day to that...so i saw a pretty big difference in the amount of muscle that i was keeping. if you can afford it; its something to think about.

train hard!


Thank you for your feedback =]

The major thing with the BCAA's is the cost... and also the fact that my current stash of it is in powder form and a nightmare to consume!

Will definatly be investing in some tablet BCAA's once I have depleted said stores.

My previous cut actually had something like half the BCAA content of this one =/

EDIT: Also some ideas on low carb pre workout nutrition... or does my current plan sound fairly solid?

I guess mainly I am thinking about pre workout carb sources... or shall I switch the PWO BCAA's for a 10g dose pre workout? And if I can afford anything else then I will add that to the PWO shake?


as far as taking in more powder, i hear ya...they aren't candy haha.

in the mornings, i take my bcaa powder with some Power Drive (here on Biotest) its pretty cheap and i only use 1/2 scoop with a bunch of water....wakes me up nice and masks the flavor. powder is ALOT cheaper.

primaforcebcaa is really inexpensive.

as far as preworkout stuff goes, you can go low carb; but i've noticed when i do it that i fade faster in the workout. so if you can make your shake and drink it throughout...it might be beneficial. figure out if you can divide it into peri/post or pre/peri/post; your call.

in the last 2months i've been just having whey/bcaa/creatine around my workout and making sure i have some pwo carbs with my pwo meal (within 30min of putting down the last weight haha)