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Leaning Out/Contest Prep Thread



In the pics from the Hercules (1st few shots), I weighed in at 175.4 (176 lbs cut off for middleweights).

Second bunch of pics are from the NJ natural classic, where I believe I came in around 173.

My usual walking around weight was about 205 at the time.



The vascularity in my arms and legs is still sticking.:grinning::+1: BB weirdo bathroom selfies!


Bathroom selfies, car window reflection selfies, even entire posing routines performed in Starbucks bathrooms while waiting for your coffee… It’s all good! :wink:



How much have you gained? Looking beefy, in a good way!


I got into the bathroom routine at work!


Haha! I go to a Taco place on saturdays because they have the best lighting.


I weighted 171.8# the day before the show. I weighed 189 yesterday. Thanks for the compliment!


fatty fatboy mcfaterson


Yeah… lol. I don’t want to get above 195 or so ever again.


i cant challenge you on muscular development BUT i can easily beat you in a body hair competition :slight_smile:


I’m VERY hairy, perhaps hairier than you.


Another professional pic. I am pleased with this, but imagine if my pecs filled out a bit more. :slight_smile:

First Show, 10 Weeks Out

sometimes i think weak body parts dont improve even with chemical assistance. craig titus had a weak chest. markus ruhl had a weak triceps. johnnie jackson had weak legs. evan centopani has been trying to bring his chest up for many years and i really cant notice any difference. i myself tried lots of things to improve my chest but it didnt work out. did any of you ever improve a lagging body part noticeably after you passed the beginner and intermediate levels?



Congratulations @BrickHead


One tiny little piece of paper can represent so very much :slight_smile:



Congratulations, man!


THIS! For real! It does.


Yes, considering that my chest was even less impressive at the start of the prep. Now I actually have a chest, though not the bulbous one I want, and which I likely never will get. But I do think it and my lats can be improved. Thanks to doggish adherence to lower-upper splits because of “frequency” and “protein synthesis” for the lag in their progress! :slight_smile: Now that I am actually eating a normal caloric amount, they likely can improve further considering I brought them up while on a prep.

I’m not going to bullshit anyone or myself in thinking I can add 20 more pounds of muscle, but I do think I have about another five pounds of untapped LBM that can be gained over the next one or two years (maybe longer considering the snail’s pace of muscular gains), some of which can be gained by improving my chest and lats.


Every time I look at the card and photographs during the show and prep, I re-live the whole experience mentally and want to plot and plan for a second show, as a pro. Being that life will likely get VERY busy this year, I am completely unsure on when I will compete again!