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Leaning Out/Contest Prep Thread


Congrats, Brick!!!


The macro hog lol good job brother


Congratulations, that’s pretty sick for your first show!


I was planning on writing here tonight but I fell asleep and am like tired as hell. I plan ok writing a bit here this week. Thanks for all the kind words!


I’ll address some things in pieces though and I have a few minutes now though. On my phone here.

I plan on having 2017 being spent on “Project Lats”. It’s not that my back is bad, but I need more later mass for my symmetry. Unfortunately, as an arms-dominant guy, formerly thinking that an upper-lower split was just fine and dandy, reinforced this dominance.

I will continue with my current back workout which has helped me even in a caloric deficit in a prep. So I believe it will work even better with a lifestyle diet and not being utterly drained from a prep.


I have to upload it from my camera onto the computer soon. My wife and friend Mike took A LOT of photos and video, plus the organization’s photographer is sending me professional video and photos from the event in a few weeks. I will share some of it.

Feel free to add me on Facebook. There are some video snippets on my page.


On Facebook? Where’s your page?



My front double biceps pose turned into a V after i met John Meadows.
One arm barbell row is really the bomb for lat development.


Some professional shots.


How the hell did you get those legs? Mad jelly/mirin, as the kids say.


Here’s my secret for quads, in this order:

  1. lunges
  2. safety bar or back squats
  3. leg extensions

3 sets of 8-10 reps


Your body is amazing and I’m happy for you!! The pictures are a great reminder to stay motivated. Awesome :grinning:


I like the idea of lunges first, not only for pre-exhaust, but man, doing hard lunges after intense squats is so tough cardiovascularly for me.


Wow, those shots are really something else, bring out a whole new level of detail.


One question I have, is whether the photos are a little misleading because of the direction of the light? I remember seeing in your prep photos how much more conditioned your lower body was compared to your upper, but in the competition photos it flipped.


these new photos show why you are the winner.
unbelievable conditioning.


Dude, by the day before the show, EVERYTHING was conditioned. :slight_smile: See my IG page for what I looked like the day before also. I was like a dried out piece of meat.


Thanks for the post. I was actually sort of kidding, considering there is nothing special about my leg routine, and that quads have come the easiest for me.

Lunges before squats has taken down my squat number but I still get better or equal results for my quads and that comes with the benefit of my upper body, neck, and shoulders not having to pay a price for increasing leg exercise numbers. I am after staying power these days.

Actually, my leg workout as a whole looks like this, which I have posted elsewhere:

  1. GHR’s or lying leg curls
  2. Lunges
  3. Back or safety squats
  4. leg extensions
  5. Single leg curls
  6. Stiff-legged dumbbell deadlifts


And now we can see why I must embark on Operation Lats. :slight_smile: