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Leaning Out/Contest Prep Thread


Oh yeah, and when multi-world champ (7x I think?) Shevon Cunningham seeks you out backstage after several prejudging rounds to compliment your conditioning and overall physique and tell you that he’s got you taking the whole show,… Well, that’s one hell of a compliment in itself :slight_smile:



You went, you saw, and you conquered. Way to kick ass and take names, Brad! My bet is that you’ll look even better at the NPS show!


Just looking over some of the many pics Rob snapped and I really liked this one.



Congrats Brad, and thanks for taking us along on the journey! HUGE accomplishment.


Damn, look at the feathering in your quads. The other guys look like butterballs by comparison (no disrespect to them intended, of course).


Thanks a lot man! I couldn’t agree more :joy: Being at the show yesterday was some great fire for sure, if I can come in with Brad’s level of conditioning, hopefully the planets will align!


@BrickHead I am late to the game and the outcome. Travel this weekend had me away from forum and most social media.

I see now the whole shabang and how things turned out! It looks like you killed it Brad! Nice work indeed and a huge congrats to you and @The_Mighty_Stu for the package you guys brought to the stage. For a debut contest and to take top spots and earn a pro card…hot damn dude! Well done!

Happy as hell for you to have such a well deserved outcome after your first run through the ringer of show prep and contest day events. Hoping it was all worth it and its got you hooked now for good. This sport and its people need more good folks like you putting a strong, helpful, positive face out for public to see.

I hope I can have a positive experience myself now in 5 weeks for my own stage return in physique! Seeing this was inspiring and just what I need in the final grind weeks myself!

Kudos brother!


Thank you so much for the kind words, and those from everyone else!

Good luck to you!



Hell yes guys.


Fucking Hell. That is a damn good compliment. Great job Brick!!


Hey Champ (That’s you Brad!),

How’s it feel waking up this morning after the weekend you just had?




Man! How many awesome people can one have in a photo! Like looking at a picture of Justice League…


Hope you start a bulk as soon as possible and keep us updated :blush:


Rob is Aquaman (he knows why -lol)



WHOOT!!! I was following along as the pictures went up on Saturday. Just super exciting. Big congratulations!!

Chick comment, but I have to say, I know you don’t put pics of your family up here, but the one of you kissing your wife’s cheek after the show was so sweet. You’re looking all rugged and ripped, and she’s got such a beautiful feminine face. She’s got a big smile and just looks like she’s glowing, and the lighting illuminated her face more since you were sprayed so dark. So pretty. Anyway, what a cool day. Surrounded by good friends who were obviously thrilled for you, and who could appreciate not the weeks, but the years that went into that. Just the best things.


Surreal! And this wouldn’t be possible without your coaching and the support from my bodybuilding homeboys!!! I can’t wait to be onstage again! Can’t wait to pay you back with a delicious fattening meal of your choice! :grinning::+1:


Thank you!



Cograts!! Glad to see that your hard work and Stu’s coaching really paid off. You officially “walk the walk” now.


Congratulations! Do you have a video of you posing routine?