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Leaning Out and Heavy Training?

im currently running sheiko #37 and my strength and explosion feels great.
I have a naturally slow metabolism. im six feet and 255lbs around last time i checked body fat it was around 22%. i compete in the 242 weight class and would like to lean out a bit.
i can maintain my weight with 2500 cals a day with heavy 2 hour training sessions.

I dont know really where to start.
i have carb cycled in the past but just wanted to see if i could get some suggestions, or if anyone on here has had a similar experience?

I always find that a bunch of different dieting strategies CAN work, it is largely about what kind of diet you would LIKE to follow. So here are a few options that I would consider, if I were in your position.

First of all, if you know you can maintain on 2500 calories a day, you obviously don’t mind counting calories, so there is always the option of simply cutting 250 calories, riding that out for a few weeks and seeing how your body fat/strength and energy are affected. Simple, straightforward - if you are losing weight too fast and your workouts suck, add some more calories in, if you aren’t losing any weight take more calories out, until you find a happy medium. But personally I hate counting calories, so although this method is obviously tried and true, I wouldn’t do it haha.

Another way of doing largely the same thing (which is easy to forget about) is to keep your calories at maintenance, but add in some conditioning, 3-4 days a week. Nothing crazy at all, just some light steady state cardio or maybe some nice intevals: if you have a track, for example, running the straitaways and walking the curves for 20 mins-a half hour isn’t super hard, but it will probably a) get your work capacity up, which will help your lifting overall, and b) over the course of the week you will probably burn a nice big chunk of calories, which will help you lose weight.

carb cycling, as you mentioned, could be really useful, just so long as you are very moderate in your approach. I would say no carbs before 5:00 PM. Before that, don’t go CRAZY with the fats. There is nothing wrong with whole eggs and avocadoes and some red meat, but if you start slathering everything in butter cause you are craving food, you’re doing it wrong haha. Then, after 5, eat carbs but not horribly shitty carbs. Rice, pasta, veggies, potatoes, fruit, milk maybe, but skip all the pizza beer and ice cream. If you do this, you will probably NATURALLY limit your calories and sugars enough to lose weight, and hopefully be eating enough to keep your strength up easily.

Finally, A method that has worked really well for me in the past is doing a full ketogenic diet. No carbs at all during the week, except for veggies. Just eat as much eggs, meat (especially red meat cause it’s fattier), vegetables as you can. Literally, as much as you can stomach haha. Then, every saturday, I treated as a cheat day. I ate literally whatever, and as much of, whatever I wanted. It served as a great mental reboot, and I always felt it also helped shock my metabolism back into action. Anyways, I followed that basic diet template pretty much all last summer, got stronger on all of my lifts, and even though I was only really eating that way to try and maintain my bodyweight and maybe re-comp a little, I ended up losing 10 lbs, going from 195 to 185 by the end of the summer. While getting stronger. So even though this is one of the more extreme options, it also will definitely work.

Anyways, those are some ideas. Just know that, at 255 and 22% BF, probably ANY of these suggestions will be a good place to start. Good luck

Awesome man! i appreciate it. gonna add some conditioning in on off lifting days. schwinn airdyne and a concept 2 rower? slow and steady. maybe flip a light tire for reps. last day of the week push a prowler.
its all stuff i do currently. just need to eat better and condition more. but ill write an update at a leter time.
thanks again.