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Leaning Forward with Oly Shoes


Ok guys I some how miss placed my Chucks which is really making me upset but none the less. Instead of buying a new pair I just went back to Squatting in my Oly shoes. I really like the way they feel how ever for some reason when I wear them once I get up to around 400lbs I start to lean forward in my Squat. When I reverse up out of the hole my hips raise but the bar goes no where.... This has never happened in my Chucks... Whats going on.

475lbs Subtle Hip Raise

510 Very Noticeable and even made me miss the rep :frowning: sorry about the bench in the way but you can clearly still see whats going on.


Hi reed,

from what I can see and my experience, youre basically just losing your balance forward a bit, which isn't too surprising with the elevated heel and your squat style. You squat fairly wide, sit back a lot into the squat, and it looks like you have a fairly low bar placement. Oly shoes tend to help lifters out who have a higher bar squat - lifters who sit down more than back, push the knees forward rather than trying to keep the shins vertical, and who have a higher bar placement. The oly shoes are great for when you are squatting with a very upright posture.

The thing is, depending on how recently you switched, you might not really need to change anything - it makes sense that, you elevate your heel when you're not used to it, it is going to put you a little off-balance. If it's only been a couple squat sessions, you probably will just get used to the change and it'll work itself out. But if it seems like it's not going away, I would suggest maybe a slightly higher bar position, real attention to keeping your chest up, and maybe even trying to sit your hips straight down/push your knees forward a little bit. Those changes might make your squat a little more upright, which might feel better with the oly shoes.

Or, you could do what mike t. does and go to a cobbler and get the heels trimmed off your oly shoes haha. But I think new chucks might be cheaper than that.

Anyways, that's what I would guess it is. Maybe other people will have more insight


Ive had similar problems before squatting in my olympic shoes, what helped me was changing to a slightly higher bar and really forcing my elbows to stay under the bar. From what I could tell in your last video your elbows flared backwards causing alot of the weight to force your shoulders into that position. Another thing that helped me was bringing my stance in somewhat but increasing the toe angle by a few degrees.


Thank you both for the input. Your both probably completely correct but def think imma,just say fuck it and buy new,Chucks I'm so conditioned to them feels like it would take months to readjust fully.


No reason not to, this is about moving the most weight possible.


It took me about half a year to adjust to Oly shoes, high bar, and sitting down instead of back and I only did it to take stress off my hips and shoulders. Otherwise I would've stuck with the more sit way back, low bar style of squat. Anyway, I'd probably do what you're doing too with buying new chucks. But those oly shoes are still gonna be great for front squats and oly(ish) squats for squat and dead assistance!