Leaning Forward when Raising Up Out of the Squat

In the middle of my video, you see me squat. I feel like whenever I raise up, my upper body tilts. I do romanian deadlifts and back raises for my back. Do I just need to get stronger at those or am I lacking in technique. I’m thinking about “chenst up” when I squat, but I still seem to mess up. Thanks for the help.

video doesnt work for me.

Sorry about that. I just put the link now because the video is acting funny.

Does it look the same or better if you squat with just the bar?
If it looks the same it is probably technique, if it looks better then it is probably strength.

I would say that my form actually gets better when I put some weight on the bar. I feel like I can lock in more when I have 135lbs on there. Then around 250lbs is when I start to have some tilt. When I just do bodyweight squats, I cant seem to keep a tight arch.

Then around 250lbs is when I start to have some tilt.

okay, so thats the max weight you can handle with good form.

can you feel where you get ‘stuck’ so lean forwards to cheat it up? work through the stuck. whatever the muscles are that are engaged in working through the stuck are weak. they will get stronger if you make them, though.

why can’t you keep a tight arch with bodyweight squats (you mean unweighted - right?)

at least in my own case i’ve found i get a sticking point on the way up where my quads are the main drivers and it doesn’t feel like they are strong enough to stand the weight up.

i have a tendancy to lean forwards a bit then (it allows my hips to rise a little) which makes it easier to stand the weight up.

i think what i’m supposed to do instead of leaning forwards is to squeeze the glutes together hard and use that to pull the hips up / forwards while maintaining my back angle.

maybe this helps.

It looks like you have a lower bar squat. Try raising the bar on your back so it’s just sitting on your traps. Also, you may want to try some OLY shoes, they will put your lower body in a better biomechanical angle to be able to sit up more. If you front squat you should be able to sit up the entire time, if you can’t do it right here start hammering the RDLs heavier, and deadlift more. Sometimes you just need to get stronger…

i am certainly no expert, but that said i think your form is pretty damn good, even with the heavy weight. Nice depth. How do you feel the next day? Sore in the legs and no lower back pain? If thats the case keep it up. If Your lower back is tight or sore, then your form is in fact off. You may want to google “Mark Rippetoe” he is a fairly respected trainer and your squat style seems to fit his style. He has a number of videos that you may find helpful.

My non-expect opinion, if you want to eliminate the forward lean, then incorporate front squats into your training. You simply can’t lean forward in a deep front squat because the bar will roll off your shoulders. Period. Try 225 lbs, ATG front squat and see. Also, doin front squats will strengthen your middle back as well as help you develop a straighter torso in the squat. See Rippetoe’s back squat vs his front squat video. Very different. Each has benefits.