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Leaning Forward During Squats


i started lifting mid january with a upper lower split
i squat twice a week if able, considering my dad cant take me often and i cant affford a car(16)
i squat 5x5 with two warm up sets and three working sets, maybe 4 if i can
afterwards i GHR for eight reps of bw on lat pull down and then 115 on leg curl for eight reps
i do that three times and then do BSS if i have time for 10 reps of 3 sets then i do calve work
my question is how do i stop leaning forward during squating? it always happens about half way between lock out and parallel. I go atg. im currently been stuck on 200lbs for a week. i cant get a clean 3 sets of 5. i always stall out in my second set, and like tonite i was able to get 15 reps total but had to do it a couple reps at a time to the point of me feeling like passing out.


Focus more on sitting back on your heals. Ass to grass beginner squatters will often come out of the hole with their butts first, perhaps you are doing this.


What fuzzy apple said.

After coming out of the hole, push your hips forward. Fuck the air in front of you. Could help, but if it doesn't, don't do it.


hey man try this:when you first get under the barbell arch your back and pinch your shoulder blades. Try to hold your body like this all the time when your are doing squats, for every rep .I had the same problem with you and i fixed it doing this.
Also check these video series:


Hope it helps!!!


Pick something up and do goblet squats EVERYDAY, grooving that pattern makes magical things happen