Leaning Down: Steroid Choice Matter?

When going on a cycle to lean down does it make all that much of a difference if one were to use Decca/test instead of say Equipose/test? Is equipose really unique in that it gives a difference in final appearance of vascularity and thickness? If someone was to take the same person put one on decca/test and the other on Eq/test and give them the same high protein low carb diet plan how would the two physiques differ?

are cutting for a competition or just a seasonal diet change?

what is your current body fat level?

I think youd do better to cut with deca over EQ, EQ will stimulate appetite, and deca is simply a more potent androgen.

Its not a very fair comparison.

But wouldn’t you look more ripped off of EQ than Deca? Or is the whole red blood cell vascularity I’ve read about it hype?

Yeah, my grocery bill is already through the roof I’d hate to see it while on EQ. The whole reason I posted this is I thought some steroids were for bulking and others for cutting but it seems that it really all depends on how you eat, deca can be used for both and so can Equipose.