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Leaning Back


Hey I have a concern. When I lean back and arch at the same time (while standing) I feel kinda a sharp pain in my back...the area is..a bit under my middle back (almost lower but not quite). I sometimes have to "find" the pain when I lean back, I felt it a little bit when I was doing decline situps with weight.

I'm wondering what this is, maybe just from leaning back too much or something. I'm wondering what this is or if anyone has had similar pain. It doesnt really hurt actually at all, just feels kinda weird and is kinda sharp. But yeah it's definaetly when I lean back and stuff and it doesnt hurt at all when I squat, GM's or anything. Should I go get it checked out? and if I do get it checked out where would I go? (what kinda doctor?)
Thanks a lot.


Your back is not designed to bend in that direction. Stop doing it and the pain will go away.


Prob your psoas muscles stretching and pulling. They go from your thigh clear into the lower middle back, as I understand it.


TP-Bubbles - that can make sense haha..my mom was wondering why I was leaning so far back and I'm like..I'm looking for the pain!..but yeah I thought something maybe was like getting wrong with my back but maybe I just shouldnt lean back n shit like that and I'll be fine cause it doesn't hurt at all when I lift.

I think maybe from trying to Arch too hard on the bench also is causing it.
Thanks also skidmark, im gonna remember that (the muscle name)