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Leangains (IF) Meals

Just started a LG protocol (loving it so far). Seen these kind of posts of other forums (some have pretty delicious looking stuff!. Anywayz, figured I’d this to see who else is doing LG, and the meal examples.

Here’s an example some example of today’s fun.

parts of my PWO meal today, not certain on the macros, but somewhere near 1000 cals all together give/take…

heres some more of it.

[quote]throws56 wrote:
heres some more of it.[/quote]


Pumpkin, protein pancakes (Great recipe I made, delicious and low carb) and cap n crunch encrusted french toast (not so low carb…).

Post here, brah.


[quote]MAF14 wrote:
Post here, brah.


Aight, Aight.