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Leangains Aproach to IF

Hey Paul,
Great to have you here.

My question is what you think of the leangains approach to dieting for fatloss, with the Reverse pyramid training model?

Also if training early in the morning and breaking the true-fast a few hours later, do you think a steady consumption of EAA’s is sufficient to not go too catabolic. Assuming glycogen storages have been filled last evening?


Fat loss will ultimately be determined by your energy deficit. In my article about fasting I outlined the benefits of it and make note that it’s not a fat loss magic bullet.

EAA’s cause an insulin response. So you’re not really “fasting” if you’re taking them in.

So in a situation where you have to train early, the only reasonable decision is to break the fast after training immediately?

If fasting is something one wishes to do I mean…

Yes. If you’re training fasted then the nutrients and nutrient timing post training become far more important.