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Leangains 16/8 Plan Suddenly Harder


i started slowly getting back in shape last december.. (i'm 43) first i just cleaned up my diet, then after a while went to 40/30/30 type diet, after these i had gotten to 10-12% bodyfat (just a guess i really don't care about % as long as i get to looking right)

so i was stuck there even after trying low carb , i switch to the leangains style of intermittent fasting and dropped a little more and am real close to what i want.

my question is for those that have done the leangains style. in the last few days (maybe a week) i am hungry a lot more than the first 2 months. not really all that bad in the mornings but after my last meal... it's been bad enough that i ate outside the feeding window twice... something i didn't do once in 2 months.

now i have swithched to a new glucose disposal agent slin-sane (was using anabolic pump) and i suspect slin-sane maybe stronger. but it doesn't matter if i eat a quart of ice cream or a whole pizza i have still been hungry after that last meal and i am eating the same way i have for months now. could my insulin sensitivity have gotten a lot better since i am leaner and all? could it be slinsane?


besides eating IF Style have you recently changed anything else? Did you start going lower carb, increasing your activity or anything?


Slin Sane makes me incredibly hungry...just sayin.


slinsane is the only change i think?

have you done slinsane while doing the leangains plan?


What does the rest of your diet look like? Calories, macro's, meal breakdowns...sample meals?


I've noticed as I get into the sub-10% range I'll have periodic days, or maybe a week of hunger and cravings, then it goes back to normal.


In the "Berardi does IF" thread, MODOK has made a pretty good case that high cortisol in the morning makes leangains a bad idea long term.

Maybe try no food after breakfast 1 or 2 days a week instead? There are many ways to IF..


This is usually how I do it, but typically it is 4 on 3 off or sometimes 5 on 2 off... depending on my goals. If I am gaining I usually don't do it at all.


No food after breakfast??? Holy shit..I'd die. Once I initiate eating, that's all I can really do for the rest of the day lolol.

Sort of like masturbating..it's not like I'm going to stop a quarter or half way through.


i've pretty much narrowed it down to slinsane and improved insulin sensitivity.

i would guess my bodyfat to be at 10% or slightly below.

since i've been doing leangains style i have been getting 175-200gms of protien in and depending on the day i shoot for the rest from carbs and fats at different ratios on workout and non workout days. i haven't been counting calories as i have been at the iron game a long time and can get pretty close without counting and... thats part of the point of intermittent fasting is the ease of it?

some days are around 3000 cals and others are as low as 2200. these are just rough estimates though could be 3200 on the high days?


Just a thought, I increased my protein intake from 175-200g to 275-300g, while keeping the calories the same. I cycle the rest of the macronutrients on rest and workout days like you. I also get a LOT of veggies and fruit every day. On average I eat about 600g of veggies and a couple peices of fruit as part of my carb source (even on low carb days).

These two tactics (more protein, more veggies, more fruit) have really helped curb the hunger. I barely have any hunger pains after making those adjustments and I'm still leaning out and losing weight each week. I also eat three meals per day, where previously I was eating 2 larger meals. Three meals seems to be the sweet spot.


thanks ethanwest... i'm gonna try to up the protien and veggies. and i have been doing 2 large meals mostly, i think i'm gonna go with three as it seems really hard to get enough cals in 2 meals especially if you eat a lot of protein in those 2 meals.


Three meals is a good idea. When I was doing two meals I would be hungry and tired by dinner and overeat on junk. With three meals it's enough to keep me satiated throughout the entire feeding window so I don't go do something stupid.

Good luck.


Yes, been doing leangains for about a year now and been taking Slin Sane the past couple months.

I've also had some bouts with nearly uncontrollable food cravings in the recent past. What I do now is eat smaller meals during the day and a larger meal at night to keep me satiated until the morning.

Having a big meal to break the fast and smaller meals throughout the day wasn't working out. Coming home after a long day of work, I want to eat a big meal so I would end up breaking my diet and pigging out.