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Leaner, Meaner Me?


It's been quite a while since I've posted on these forums... October (when I started my work out) to be exact.

In that time, I've gone through an incredible amount of different supplements, workout routines, diets, and money to support them all.

Fortunately, I have been able to cut from 6'4", 125kg to 117-118kg and have lost several inches on my waist.

Sadly though, I have plateaued at this mark, and have been sitting at it for the past 2 months. It is because of this that I now come to you asking for assistance.

My Routine:
I run a mile and a half before each work-out to get my cardio in and get myself warmed up.

Incline Bench - 6-10 reps heavy
Flat Bench - 6-10 reps heavy
Dumbbell press - 6-10 reps heavy
Lateral raises - 6-10 reps heavy
2 Rope tricep pulldowns - 6-10 reps heavy
Lying tricep extension - 6-10 reps heavy

Wide grip pulldown - 12-15 reps light
Dubbell rows - 12-15 reps light
Hyperextensions - 12-15 reps light
Dubbell curls - 12-15 reps light
Barbell curls - 12-15 reps light
Leg extensions - 12-15 reps light
Leg presses - 12-15 reps light
Leg curls - 12 -15 reps light
Calf raises - 12 -15 reps light


Incline Bench - 6-10 reps light
Flat Bench - 6-10 reps light
Dumbbell press - 6-10 reps light
Lateral raises - 6-10 reps light
2 Rope tricep pulldowns - 6-10 reps light
Lying tricep extension - 6-10 reps light

Wide grip pulldown - 12-15 reps heavy
Dubbell rows - 12-15 reps heavy
Hyperextensions - 12-15 reps heavy
Dubbell curls - 12-15 reps heavy
Barbell curls - 12-15 reps heavy
Leg extensions - 12-15 reps heavy
Leg presses - 12-15 reps heavy
Leg curls - 12 -15 reps heavy
Calf raises - 12 -15 reps heavy

Up to this point, I haven't been keeping a food log. However, I do try to eat healthy... though I stray often and cheat from my diet.
I bought a note-book today to begin recording both my lift weights and begin a food log. I plan to being that on Monday.

I heard a lot about a diet here called T-Dawg2, but I can't seem to find a link on it. If someone could help provide a link I would be greatly appreciative.

I guess what I'm asking for is help. I've been stuck at the same weight and build for about 2 months. It seems like I'm not getting any kind of lean muscle growth. My strength is increasing, but the lean muscle seems to stay hidden beneath a layer of fat.

I'm crying out for help from you guys.

Currently the only supplements I'm taking are Spike and ProComplex Augmented Protein System.

I've tried Methoxy-7, Endothil-CR, HOT-ROX, Hoodia Gordini, Alpha Male, T-Bomb 2, N02...

I just don't know where else to turn.


My first recommendation would be to utilize the search function and type in t-dawg 2.0, the results are amazing.


Your next step is to become well versed in my favorite exercise, fork to mouth. Then, find a lifting program from this site, maybe Waterbury's Big Boy Basics, or any of the other amazingly well designed and proven systems.

Next, lift heavy weight.

In conclusion, fork to mouth, lift heavy weight, fork to mouth, lift heavy weight, fork to mouth, lift heavy weight, repeat.

-Get it done


So you have been working out for 6 months and have already gone through a laundry list of supplements and workout plans?


Sort out your diet, t-dawg 2.0 is well proven if you wanna go the low-moderate carb route, find it, read it, do it.
Then and only then start looking at supplements.
If you are in the states there is no excuse not to be using Surge and Metabolic Drive - they are stupid cheap (I am so jealous, the mark up on them here in the UK is ridiculous, ?3sterling per serving of Surge!).
When you wanna stop dropping weight read everything from Dr Jon Berardi and go from there.

Stop running a mile and a half before your workout, you are just wearing yourself out for the weights. Do some skipping or eliptical or whatever for 5 mins or so to get your temperature up then do some mobility drills. then go straight into lifting.
For your cardio, I suggest some HIIT or some sprints on your off days from lifting. Or even play some sport, a bit of bball or 5 a side soccer, squash, whatever as long as it gets you moving and is fun (you're more likely to stick to it if it is enjoyable, and especially if it is a team thing)

You don't squat, you don't deadlift - START. (not on the same day though eh?)
I cannot stress this enough - I worked out for years without people really noticing, I started deadlifting and within a few weeks I was getting noticed as having put on muscle size.

Grab a workout plan off this site, and stick to it for the prescribed number of weeks (usually 8-12)
For fat loss you could try Meltdown, if you are able to do supersets in your gym - this is a seriously hard program though, so consider yourself warned.
Or how about the new Waterbury Summer Project...


I'll agree and nod at what Stuey said. Where's the real leg work? what's up withthe long distance cardio? what's up with nothing under 6 reps?

And keep a food log. end of story, it's revealing


I squat and deadlift on the same day... best workout days of the week- let me tell you...

I echo the "too much cardio" comment. Plus the fact you're going high rep low intensity most of the week is a red flag. Why even waste your time. Go heavy all the time and don't look back. Going light is a recipe for plateaus.

I also echo the diet comment. If you read one of Shug's latest blogs on balance, you would know that your problems are caused by one of three things - training, nutrition, and lifestyle.


Your training is sub-par, as I've already stated. Step that up, integrate a lot of compound lifts and drop all that isolated crap.

Your nutrition is... well who knows? Dial it in.

You lifestyle is... I don't know that either. Do you have a lot of stress? Do you get enough rest?

I can also echo the supplements comment. Seems to me you think that your progress has stalled because you havent' found the right supplement. Please. Unless you can get everything dialed into where it needs to be, supplements are a waste of money.

With all that said... good luck!


As others said, you need to be doing a real workout.

I don't see squats, deadlifts or chins in your routine?

While doing "some work in the gym" regularly is enough to get you further than the average Joe, you need to get serious if you want serious results.

Also, don't tire yourself out with anything strenous before lifting...


That's interesting, do you find that the second exercise suffers or is it ok?


Thanks for all of the help.
I've subscribed to fitday.com to help me begin a food log. Found that website while looking around on the site.

Would you all suggest I continue to take my protein supplement and Spike or just drop them out completely?

One thing I was curious about in the T-Dawg2 diet... it says to eat 1.5g of protein for every pound that you weigh. Is that your current weight, or the weight you hope to be?

Thanks again for the help.




I wouldnt try to START doing both on the same day. Once you are in the swing of things, though, you can do it.


I agree with that. Really it's all about priority. Some weeks I'll squat first, others I'll DL first. It really just depends on what I'm in the mood for. Contrary to popular opinion, they really work completely different muscle groups as the primary, so one doesn't need to suffer to do the other.


I'm not STARTING anything...

I was thinking about general fatigue, when I have just done heavy squats or deadlifts I really know about it, can't imagine the second exercise not suffering, different muscle groups or not. (and they are far from exclusive muscle groups, but that is another argument)

To the original poster - happy to help, I hope you can get moving toward your goals again.


Just noticed you said "as the primary".
This is true. I still would have thought that fatigue would be a factor.


Both seem to put a fair amount of stress on the lower back... especially depending on the mechanics of your squat.

Many people simply won't do them on the same day.