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lean system 7

Hey just wanted to know has anyone tried lean system 7 for help with fat burning
was thinking of getting some and in cutting how much cardio a week do some of you guys do

It looks pretty useless except for the 7-Keto. If you look at the ingredients, most of them are derivatives of caffeine plus a couple of diuretics i.e. herbs that make you pee alot.

I’d stick with Hot-Rox. Lean system 7 is expensive caffeine that causes mostly water loss.

a friend of mine took it for a couple weeks and said he didn’t feel anything. he also said it made him shit his pants about 30 min after he took it everyday

But wait, Lean System 7 contains Piper Nigrum! Wow! Piper Nigrum! How exciting! That’s just amazing…

Oh wait, Piper Nigrum is also known as black pepper. Same stuff you sprinkle on your eggs. Same stuff once used to stimulate the appetite. Oh well, at least it looked exotic on the label.

Is the forskolin stuff in lean system 7 helpful? I hear it inhibits the breakdown of cAMP or somthing to that effect. . .

I had the same experience with LS7 as lumberjak’s friend. That stuff gave me the green apple splatters. I tried it for a painful week and then gave the rest to my buddy that had recommended it in the first place. I probably lost some weight on it, but no more than I would have with good ole fashioned colon clensing. So I would have to give it two big thumbs down.

meh, you would better off with using forselean and 7keto then lean system 7 those are the only things that would do much anyway… or just use a product like… hotrox, HEAT, etc if you want to drop body fat… if you want to loose weight… that a whole nother ball game…

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m not taking anything with foreskin in it :wink: