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Lean, Strong and Simple Cycle

I pretend to do the following cycle described in the image:

Any advice and adjustments you would do?

Just to point out that since, after the cycle, I am going abroad for 10 months when I will not be able to do chemistry, I intend to do a strong cycle in terms of gains in lean mass, however it cannot be too aggressive for the body because 3 months past the last pin I have to be without problems to go abroad in peace and with normal libido.

PS: Anavar is only included because I have 1 bottle of 100 pills left over, because the cycle was supposed to only be testo in the first 2 months + Tren in the following 2 months. I decided to spread the anavar for the first 2 months to help build up some strengh and to be in smooth concentrations.

Thank you very much,
I really need some advice because I am relatively new to this and the cycle might be completely inadequate.

Please don’t do this cycle; it will not end well for you.

Don’t do Tren if you’re new. Don’t use that much Anastrozole (don’t use any if you can avoid it). Don’t use HCG concurrently with Tamoxifen/clomid; either use it in the two weeks between cycle and PCT, or throughout your cycle. Pick either Tamoxifen or Clomid, you shouldn’t need both.

If you do want to try Tren, the common suggestion would be to use A instead of E. The half life is much shorter and if you get serious side effects they’ll wear off quicker.

Some are suggesting using orals at the end, instead of the beginning, to “bridge the gap” between the cycle and the PCT since the half life is shorter and can be run up until the start of the PCT.


Thank you very much!!
I said im new, but I allready did 4 cycles and 2 of them were var+testC and TrenE+TestC+Tbol(8weeks) ans it actually when smooth with good results. Here I mostly fear that 4 months of chemics (and the chems itself) would make it hard to return the normal libido in time.

Having in mind everything you said and some research I dis the following changes:

-only take anastrozol if and when needed.
-Take tamoxiphen instead of tamoxiphen+clomid (I always did good on tamox only).
-Removed HCG at all as I searched that on PCT it will only delay recuperation in prop of speeding up testis growth and sperm count, which is not critical if after 3 months everything is similar to normal.
-Changed TrenE to TrenA so I can return to normal as fast as possible after cycle. And also changed testC to testP so I take it along with Tren eod.

Do you think it is adequate now?

Anyone? Can please anyone give me some feedback on the new specificities of this cycle:

I am waiting for some feedback so I can buy the things and start the thing. I dont have much more time left. Have to start the cycle soon.

The PCT is weak. It is really weak after running tren. I would do 40, 40, 20, 20. You might need a bit more than this with that stack. Maybe bridge the time after the last pin and PCT with HCG.

It also seems more complicated than it needs to be. I would just run the test c all the way through (actually I would run test e as it is usually the same price and is usually 50 mg/ml stronger.). Because of running the longer ester, you will need longer for it to clear. You could stop it early, or reduce the test to clear out earlier to line up with your PCT.

You also need something on hand like caber if you want to run tren responsibly. Be sure you are ready for tren. I think you could use something else and get good but not as good of results.

I would consider bold (EQ) in cyponate form. It will clear similar to the test as the half lives are similar. Then you could just run the test and bold the whole time and add in the var. Much less potential for sides. The bold c does apparently have a nasty pip though.

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I think your cycle is too short to get good results to be honest. If you want a short blast, run the Cyp for 6 weeks and prop for 4 weeks bridging into PCT I agree on the PCT comment if you add the Tren, it’s not enough. Personally for this I’d run a week of clomid at 40-50mg/day. Then on day 8 start nolva for 2 weeks at 40mg/day and then another 2weeks at 20mg/day. HCG for the weeks bridging into PCT if you like but stop 2 days before starting clomid. I’m not experienced with Tren so can’t comment on that-except that I wouldn’t take it, but that’s just me

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Ok thank you everyone!
I changed the nolva to 40,40,20,20 and bridge the cycle ro pct with hcg 1000iu/week for 4 weeks.