Lean Red Meat

I’m looking to incorporate some lean red meat into my diet for a little variety…I’m getting pretty tired of just chicken. I heard flank steak and eye round are good choices; any other lean meats that could easily be cooked up on the Foreman grill? Thanks,

-Joel Marion

Joel: THIS is a question for Ko. We are BIG eaters of red meat (“mmm…red meat…good…”). Flank steak is good, but if you don’t know how to prepare/cook it, it can be “chewy”. I do prefer top sirloin. mmmm. Porterhouse…mmmmm. One thing that can be done too is to trim any excess fat. But’s that it for my “tips” - I ain’t a chef…:wink:

Flank is expensive and needs to be marinated if you are going to grill it. Eye of round also needs to be marinated, but also sliced thin. Top round is actually a better choice as far as tenderness, it has a little more fat than the eye, about a gram.

Joel-I eat enough eye of round each week to feed several developing countries. It can get tough, but it’s often leaner than chicken. I’ll email you later to fill you in on how I prepare it; I gotta go take an exam right now.

Since I’ve been trying to follow Berardi’s guidelines, I’ve pretty much given up on making food taste good and instead am concerned only with nutritional value, especially with the minimal time I have to prepare food. This question caught my eye though - I usually just stick a plain eye round in the oven and take chunks off it as necessary. What other cuts are as good as eye round in terms of leanness and price/lb? Thanks

After I switched over to Berardi’s Winning Formula guidelines, my choices of protein have been fresh raw tuna (yellowtail), fresh salmon, round steak, premarinated lean chicken breast (from Sam’s Club), and of course Grow. All of these things (besides Grow) were easily cooked to taste great on the foreman grill.

I use 95/5 hamburger. It works fine on the lmfrm.

ive heard trim the fat along the edges, and dont eat steaks that have a bone in their name (eg. T-bone, or rib eye). recently ive been eating filet mignon mmmmm

hey man try this. 5% fat ground beef. just season it up a bit. my new favorite is ground buffalo. i toss it in the skillet, and season it with ranch dressing seasoning powder (ranch is bad as we all know but the powder has 1g of carb and 16 calories per tbspoon.) gives it a little zest.

Like everyone else, I also eat a lot of eye of round…I have recently been eating a ton of ground ostrich too. It’s a nice change, not TOO expensive, and I can get it at BJ’s.

Anything with the word loin in it is pretty lean. filet mignon is expensive but it’s worth the price. soy sauce does wonders for red meat, while not adding too many calories. Mustang, yellowtail is not a type of tuna.

Might you have any suggestions for meals that include extra lean ground beef as protein source. Other than Hamburgers and Chili of course.

Sorry ko, that was supposed to read as a question yet I neglected to use a question mark. Please read as such.

Yummers. Ostrich meat is so good! But it’s expensive here. Joel: Ostrich is leaner than chicken and turkey and tastes very much like red meat. VERY good stuff. Like Buffalo and Ostrich very much. :slight_smile:

I’m sure mustang meant yellowfin.

Please excuse my semantics, I meant to say yellowfin as in Pacific Yellow Fin or “ahi.”

It’s hard to find a cut of read meat that’s leaner, tastier or more tender than the loins
(aka backstraps) of a whitetail deer. And dragging a deer out of the woods is a great exercise for GPP.

Dragging a deer off the freeway is even better!

I agree with you about dragging a deer is hard work. I hunt deer in the marsh in Louisiana. Try dragging a deer out of the marsh and sinking 6 inches to a foot everytime you step. It will definitely whoop your ass.

Hate to rain on your parade, but I was just looking at my nutrition book, and tenderloin has double the fat of eye of round, 8-9 grams per 3 oz. I like to use ground beef in burritos, tacos, pasta, and also in my eggs in the morning. I treat ground beef just like I would treat ground pork for sausage. Just mix in your favorite spice blend, Mexican, Italian, Cajun, salt and pepper, etc, then brown it, and keep it in the fridge. If you want specifics, I can post again.