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Lean Protein Collection Machine

Yesterday I’m out grilling some chicken when I see this dude walking around on my property line. After I get over my initial shock of how he got past the minefield, and wondering why the “Fry and Die” proximity alarm wasn’t working, I go see what he’s doing. Turns out he’s a falconer and is hunting squirrels.

Falconry is a closely monitored activity of the DNR, and improves the bird’s mortality rate. This young red tailed hawk will be released back into the wild when she learns to hunt. The falconer said the birds never tame, and it’s obvious; I thought she was going to rip his eyes out at one point.

In any case, he and Isis now have permission to hunt my grain-fattened squirrels in the backyard. Damn cool!


That is AWESOME.

I can only help but think of the SNL skit called “The Falconer.”

Funny stuff.

Beautiful bird though…I wonder how grilled red tail hawk tastes? OH oh oh endangered, right right…well squirrel’s good too!