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Lean Pockets Ultra

I have just discovered a new bodybuilding friendly product in

they taste great and contain;

200-210 calories
24-24 grams of protein each
6 grams of fat
0 grams of trans fat
7 grams fiber
12 grams net carbs.

they come in packs of two and cost between $1.50-$3.00 per pack depending where you by them.

What’s the catch?? There’s always a catch- check the label again! Is anything partially hydrogenated? Were they tested on animals? Shards of glass in every bite? What is it- the raging skeptic in me must know!

I’ll bet they have lots of soy products in them. I could be wrong but most of those junk foods that have a lo-carb high protein make over tend to contain stuff like soy flour or soy protein. What does the ingredients list say?

According to whomever posted that, they are some casein, some whey, and some soy.


There are the nutritional facts. Can’t seem to find an ingredient list, though.

I have been snacking on these things for weeks…they are one of the best things to come out of the low-carb movement. Hopefully they will stick around when the other low-carb products are gone.

There is partially hydrogenated soybean oil and/or cottonseed but it is less tham .5 grams becuase they can legally list it as 0 grams of trans fats.

They contain reduced fat cheese, some soy protein, and if you can beleive it they even some whey concentrate and isolate added in.

Still, not to bad. Especially if you want a treat without blowing your strict diet.

I was going to snatch up a few of these last weekend at the grocery until I read the ingredients. SOY. Figures. Anything that’s low carb and high protein these days uses a buttload of soy. Gimme a break.

I tried a Lean Pocket about 3 months back. It turned my stomach and made me ill. I don’t know, maybe the ‘Ultra’ would be better.

Stick with whole foods. Stuff that comes in boxes comes with too many questions.

If I make it, I know what’s in it.

There is no way that shit in a box is good for you, most of the “catches” you mention aren’t even labeled as labeling laws have not yet caught up with manufacturers sneaky tricks. I say if you are gonna cheat, then go all the way and eat real pizza. There are just some foods that are so bad for you that no matter how you bastardize them (i.e. low carb cookies) they are still always gonna be shitty for your physique.