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Lean Out Cycle

…I think I have come up with a Cycle I am going to try soon just need some thoughts/experiences as a feedback form to fine tune things…

Right now I want to lean out a little so I’m thinkin for the short term - something like this might be a good move;

Weeks 1-6 Equi
Weeks 6-8 Clomid/Nolv

I know that this may seem not a good move due to the length of using the EQ for a short period, but will it yeild some/any results?

Then towards the end of the year runing a TestEnan/Equi/HGH/HCG cycle with Adex to finish out.

Opinions please! what would you change or tweak based on your experiences?


terrible idea.
I feel like I keep reading the same thread with the same intention (leaning out or cutting cycle), but with the most retarded cycle layout I have ever seen.

I said this before and I will say it again: EQ is not suited for short cycles! The ester is very long and it will take a long time to get started in your system, and take a long time to get out. And as some guys have stated already who buy into EQ as a cutter: it isn’t a very good cutter. It will increase your appetite. Does that sound like a good idea? To be starving all the time when you are trying to keep calorie intake low?

It is better suited for a long cycle, when you aren’t concerned with getting lean quickly.
If you want a 6 week cutter, go with test prop with either winny or tren. And yes, with this cycle there will be injections EVERY DAY. SO either suck it up, or run a long cycle with long esters. Alternatively, if you can get your hands on anavar, that is a good choice with prop.

OR you can still keep EQ, but run it with Test Enthanate. It will be a long cycle (12-14 weeks, minimum) and you will have to clean up your diet if you want to get lean from it.

Thanks for the advice but you seem to have missed something very improtant … I KNOW ALL OF WHAT YOU SAID.

I agree that EQ is not a “Great” “Cutter” and I didn’t ask for advice that would make you feel like you are flogging a dead horse. I only asked for people experiences and opinions, NOT to have some half -wit try to dictate the same advice they “think” is correct, after all you aint an expert and neither am I, get off your high horse of keep riding and F*&?K off.

Anavar is a great Idea and I have looked into this, just a little concerned about what to use with it as I feel Wini is not a good choice for me because I am not attracted to the “profile” of the substance.

And as for my diet? why do you think I never posted anything about it? BECAUSE I KNOW IT IS IN CHECK.

Weighing in @ 224lb’s and knowing i’m eating “Clean” is what I care about, please dont assume that just because were using the net you feel your advice is only worth a response from me about having to explain myself.

If Anyone has an opinion on any compounds to not use while using Anavar or Clen or any other while “leaning out” please feel free to post.

If you want to Pick fault or try and play the “You have no idea” card…You will not receive any response - end of rant.

Dude, he was giving you advice. Get off this thread if you’re going to act like that. It’s your fault you did not provide sufficient information for someone to effeciciently help you with.

Ya, for sure. Lat called your cycle retarted for a reason, it is too short. And he gave you some good advice throughout. You need to show more respect to others giving you their advice.

you run adex during your cycle, not to close it out. the purpose of it is to stop creastion of estrogen from your gear. if you use it after you have run all your gear it’s pointless, it has already aromatized.

running a short cycle of EQ will likely just make you gain a few pounds because it jacks up your hunger. so a short cutting cycle with it is stupid. read H-Train’s thread ‘cutting cycles exposed’…the same thing happened to me with it. My cutter turned bulker because I was eating everything in sight.

[quote]thetruepitbull wrote:
Ya, for sure. Lat called your cycle retarted for a reason, it is too short. And he gave you some good advice throughout. You need to show more respect to others giving you their advice.[/quote]

Props to this post…