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lean only musclemass

Diet wise does anyone have the foggiest idea how charles poliquin gets his athletes to increase say 10 - 20lbs musclemass and lose bodyfat 10 lbs fat at the same time! I am not talking about manly weight loss because he recently transformed a football player in less than 12 weeks with the above results how the F… did he do it?

Just a guess: drugs.

I doubt if Charles has anything to do with the drgus however it wouldn’t surprise me at all if a good % of his athletes (or anyone else’s athletes for that matter) use them. Unlike most strength coaches Charles is very diet conscious and for a good 80% or so of his athletes they start off on a low carb diet…<75 grams of carbs per day coming exclusively from vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, salads etc. glutamine and BCAA’s used postworkout with extremely high protein and good fats (fish oils) for 28 days and then this continues with a carb up meal or carb up day once every 4 days. To get an idea on the type of weight training he advocates you can read his back issues of “Question of Strength.”

I’d be shocked if Charles hasn’t been involved in having his clients use drug. Sure, he has to deny it publically for the sake of his clients, but he’s well aware that drugs can be a powerful tool and his clients are under a great deal of pressure to perform. Plus, there’s mega money involved. How could he not be involved?

What Kelly said is on the money. I’d also like to add that most of Poliquin’s athletes, like most professional athletes in general, are genetic freaks (and, as mentioned before, often on gear). Although they are experienced in the context of their sports, they are more than likely somewhat ignorant in regards to proper training and diet. Basically, many of them got to where they are in spite of what they dis and not because of what they did. Let’s not forget, too, that these guys don’t have the financial limitations that “normal” people have. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all afford any supplement we wanted, someone to cook for us, and four days per month at the Poliquin Performance Institute to perfect everything. I’d be willing to bet, also, that if we could all focus solely on getting big without having to worry about jobs, school, etc., we could grow at a faster rate as well. Don’t get me wrong; Poliquin is a fantastic strength coach, but there are definitely more factors involved than meet the eye.