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Lean Muscle Gain

Hey guys,
A little while ago I made a post up in building a better body, on how to minimize fat gain while trying to gain muscle, because I got a little fat whilst I gained size, and was not eating a truck load of calories, and I was also doin cardio on my off days??!!.

The recommendation I received were to reduce my carbs and increasing my fats, which has been working. I feel that I havnt gained any more fat since, and have been making lean muscle gains slowly. So, at the moment my diet looks like this:
320 g protein
280 g carbs
120 g fats
Around 3300 calories. Im 6.1ft, at around 212lbs. I do want to gain more muscle before the end of the year, and begin to cut the fat early January. So, to do so, I am not goin to touch my carbs, because I seem to be very carb sensitive. Should I increase my fats, or protein, or a little of both to gain some more?

Your protein is high enough. I would increase the fats and drop the carbs some if you feel that would be better for you.

Your fat gain and carb-sensitivity may be a factor of timing. Have you given much thought or tried the P/C and P/F eating ideas? You know not trying to combine and eating carbs early in the day and fat later in the day, etc. This option may allow you to eat more than you’re used to, including carbs, and keep fat gain at bay.

What other supps are you using, if any?

So you want to gain muscle then begin to IMMEDIATELY cut? You’re setting yourself up to lose everything you gained.

The only time I eat carbs is at breakfast(70g), pre training(70g), post training(70g), post post training(70g). I have my carbs even if it is late in the day, cuz I can usually only train in the evening. Is it ok to eat P+C+F meals to increase the fats?

Have protein with all these meals too. The other 3 meals are just protein and fats. The only supplements im taking are WPI straight after training, casein before bed, multivitamins. I have gained about 15 kg’s in the last 6 months, so Im not gaining then immediately cutting. Didnt really give in my stats:
height: 6.1 ft
weight: 212 lbs
lovehandles(lol): 38"