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Lean Muscle Cycle Advice/Suggestions?


Alright, folks. Please let me preface this post with this disclaimer. I am relatively new and inexperienced in the world of AAS use and PCT. So, please feel free to correct me if you see anything suspect or just plain incorrect.

My gear history: I’ve done some Deca and Sust in the past, incorrectly I might add… (ah, youth) I got up to about 200 lbs but was going for VERY different goals. (And it was a very squishy 200… yuck).

My current stats: 5’11", 150 lb, approx 6-7%BF (the little electric, hold-out-at-arms-length thing said 6.1%…).

Goals: lean muscle addition (165 @ same bf%) without sacrificing (too badly) my ability to run / cycle. (I enjoy doing some casual long distance runs / rides (6-10 and 24+ miles respectively)). My goals are mainly aesthetic, to be honest. The endurance stuff has become a hobby rather than a necessity now.

Additional info: I am an ectomorph, I have been working out (consistently) for about 3 years now. All previous goals during this 3 year stint were trying to cut as much fat as possible, be as light & lean as possible, and be in as good endurance shape as possible. So, no real need for AAS imo. Just good old diet and exercise.

Ok, now with all of that out of the way, I have spent the last few weeks researching what a good cycle for me and my goals might be. This is what I have come up with:

Week 1: Var-30/d, EQ 300/wk (inj 1x/wk mon)

Week 2: Var-30/d, EQ 300/wk

Week 3: Var-30/d, EQ 300/wk

Week 4: Var-30/d, EQ 300/wk

Week 5: Var-30/d, EQ 300/wk

Week 6: Var-30/d, EQ 300/wk

Week 7: Var-30/d, EQ 300/wk

Week 8: Var-30/d, EQ 300/wk

Week 9: Var-30/d, EQ 300/wk

Week 10: Var-30/d, EQ 300/wk, Mast-P 400/wk (inj mon, wed, fri, sun)

(the reason for adding Mast-P at this time is because I will run out of Var on Thursday, and Monday is my final EQ injection.)

Week 11: Mast-P 400/wk

Week 12: Mast-P 400/wk

Week 13: Mast-P 400/wk

Week 14: Mast-P 400/wk

Week 15: N/A

Week 16: Clomid 50mg/d

^PCT Begins (EQ=37.5), (Mast-P=12.5) (this is my rough estimation of their current levels in the blood due to their 1/2 life rates… if that’s worded correctly…)

Week 17: Clomid 50mg/d

Week 18: Clomid 25mg/d

Week 19: Clomid 25mg/d

Week 20: Complete!

One of my main concerns is the timing of the start of PCT. If what I have read is correct, then ideally you should have less than 50mg of “outside” test in your blood before beginning pct. But the Mast-P should be almost all the way gone by tues / wed of week 16 right? Would it hurt anything to start the PCT a few days early, or am I stressing over a non-issue?

Any other suggestions as far as the cycle goes? I am reluctant to use Test (I’m sure I’ll get an “add Test” comment) because of the water bloat, etc. I need to stay lean for a couple reasons. 1. I do not want it to be too obvious that I’m on. 2. My own personal satisfaction, I enjoy seeing striations, veins, etc. everywhere. So… Bulking / cutting is out. Lol.

Alright folks, I apologize for the rather long winded post, but I just wanted to be sure to cover all my bases. Please let me know what you think of this whole thing, if more info is needed, or even if I need to head back to the drawing board for some additional homework.

Appreciate everyone’s time and input.