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Lean Mince Beef and Potato Recipies?


Seem to eating alot of chicken, turkey and tuna these days and wouldnt mind getting some red meat in there. I could cook mince quite fast in my lunch and potatos can be prepared before hand so looking for somthing new to try.



Shepherd's pie.


Gyro and lemon potatoes. Though I doubt you're gonna cook a big gyro hunk in your house.


Or you can just be a lazy man like me and prepare mashed potatoes, pan fry the ground beef with some onions, and just mix the whole thing up with whatever condiment you like.


diced onion
dijon mustard
worcestershire sauce


Diced onions
Diced potatoes
Salt, Pepper and some Tabasco or whatever is spicy enough for you
2-3 eggs (to soak up the juice and flavor)
Ground beef

Mix it up, fry it and enjoy!

^^^ Seriously I like this stuff almost as much as I like eating pussy and ass.


Yup - lazy man's meat and potatoes! And cheap! And healthy!

I use diced chicken liver and onions too. Chicken liver is sticky and soft, and mixes right in.