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Lean Meat?


I'm on a pretty tight budget and i buy extra lean ground beef 'cause it's cheap. I recently picked up a George Forman grill and i was wondering about the fat content.

with all the fat that gets drained off, do you guys think lean ground beef would be pretty close in macronutrient ratio to extra lean ground beef? I'm asking 'cause you all know lean gb is cheaper...thanks...


Just a note, the Foreman Grill people were sued or threatened to be sued if they kept talking about "fat reducing grilling machines" because the fat you lose is very very little. What you see drained off is mostly water with only a little fat. I think they've had to change their new ads because of this.


Really? I never heard of this? what about rinsing meat? Does that get rid of most of the fat? I guess my question is this...can i buy lean gb and lower the fat content enough to be equal to extra lean?


When you say "lean", what is the percent fat by weight? Even the leanest ground beef that I buy which is 5% fat by weight, is still 33% fat by calories. You may be able to reduce the fat content a little with the Foreman grill and by rinsing your meat after cooking, but it is not like the fat just melts away. It's intertwined with the protein and most of it will still stick around.


Sam's Club has 10% @ $1.89 lb.


I also do most of my shopping at Sam's Club and while the Foreman grill does get rid of more fat than frying it in a pan, you still have to take into account that ground beef is not the leanest choice of meat that you could use. I think it mostly matters what you are trying to do physically. If you are dieting down, I would consider limiting my intake a little, however, if you are gaining, there shouldn't be a problem. I doubt anyone knows exactly how much fat is lost by cooking it on the grill. I can tell you that buying one was one of the best things a bodybuilder could do and that your lean beef is now leaner because of it.


Every so often one of the area supermarkets has eye round roasts on sale for $1.99lb. Its usually a five pound bag of meat. Trim the fat off the outside and chop it up and freeze. Freeze the steaks up individually and take them out as you need them.


If you want lean meat, go to Sam's Club and buy an eye of round roast (you need to ask to get the whole thing). Although the price fluctuates, it's only $1.85 right now. It's the leanest cut available, too. I suppose you could always grind your own if it has to be "ground beef."


Check out ground turkey. It's still fatty but leaner than the beef. I can't tell the difference between the two.


If you've ever watched the infomercials for the Forman Grill, near the end you may notice at the very bottom the small, white, fine print stating that the grill can AT MOST get rid of 7% fat. I think cooking your ground beef in a skillet and than draining the fat would be more of an effective approach.


Extra lean grond beef grilled, as 5.3 g per 3 oz. The same meat raw has 5.7 g per ounce. Most of the fat disperses throughout the meat, and as TEK mentioned most of the drippings are made up of water. Lean beef has 6.2 g per 3 oz, grilled, and raw it has 7.2g per 3 oz.. Thats a considerable difference between the two.


well...i've decided to pick up some steak, but it seems to be more expensive up in canada. I can't find any cut in the supermarket for less than $2.49/lb

ko...i know you posted a marinade not that long ago...do you think you could repost it? I'm looking for the simplest marinade available. Also, i'm going to cut the roast into steaks and grill them on the GF grill. Should i marinate the meat when it is cut in steaks or whole as a roast? thanks a lot...


Two things that are most important to me are eating and lifting weights. I care more about strength than the way I look but I really actually look pretty good. If you care about your body spend extra money on quality beef. Dont go to SAMS and buy 1.89 a pound ground beef. You get wahat you pay for. Organic, free range or grass fed or all of the above, is better for you, and it tastes better. As far as buying eye of round, I think its the worst tasting cut available. I guess its the leanest but I dont know how you can eat it.


Cut the roast into steaks first. As far as th marinade goes, I am not sure which one you are referring to, but here is a quick one:

1 c red wine

1/2 c olive oil

1 TB thyme

1 TB garlic minced

1 chipolte pepper, minced

Combine ingredients, then marinate meat for atleast 30 minutes. Salt and pepper the steaks before grilling.