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Lean Meat Suggestions?


Ive pretty much (ok almost completely) been living off of ground bison, eggs, and chicken breast lately.

Anyone able to suggest any solid other meaty alternatives to get lean protein ? Im basically looking for the best protein-calorie ratio possibly (cutting big time).

I also do fish on occasion, but only when its caught fresh.

And am completely open to any relatively random wacky shit (I do eat over 4 pounds of bison a week after all)

Preciate it thanks


turkey breast, cornish hen, pork center loin, lamb chop, elk, duck, pheasant, rabbit ( a nice sometime snack, will kill you if you try to get all your protein from it ), beef round, google.


No, it won't


You sure about that




i think he meant that because it's a very tough meat it would become unbearable as a primary protein source.


I just knocked down some lamb, fucking delish.


I just destroyed 5 boneless skinless chicken thighs that were each wrapped in two pieces of thick cut bacon for dinner.... AMAZING!


If money is tight you can always start hunting.....

I'm really considering it, hahaha


beef heart - cheap and extremely lean
chicken gizzards - same


In NY it aint that cheap unless your doing it illegally haha

well in my case its a pain anyway, getting my trapping license though! I think that will pay itself off in no time! (time wise)


Something like this. Rabbit is a nice meat now and then, I would never buy bred rabbits for eating. The wild rabbit population in many areas is low and well good luck getting enough to live on :slight_smile:

Notice I also told him to google at the end. It's the internet, take some help from others but also search for yourself.


trappin as in selling crack? hahaha
or trappin as in like trapping rabits and shii? I'm not into hunting or anything so i dont know. it would damn sure save me money though.