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Lean Mass Supplements

I’m 19 years old and planning to enter my first contest in January. I’m always open to new advice and ideas since I’m so young but currently I’m 215lbs. with 7% body fat. Since summer is over for me theirs no reason to be as cut as I am now specially when I could use a couple more lbs. of muscle (but who couldn’t) before the comp. I want to do a clean bulk because it’s easy for me to gain weight and lose weight and since the competition is so close I don’t want to gain to much fat.

Now to the point of where I need help, I’m currently taking kre-alkalyn, erase which is an anti-catabolic supp, whey protein of course and casein before bed, white flood for pre workout and bcaas during my workout. I’m going to do around 2 months of clean bulking and was wondering for any suggestions on supplements to use?

I’ve never did a “clean” bulk so it’s new to me and the experience from people on this website would be helpful. My diet is going to stay clean, a little more calorie intake and complex carbs. I am very dedicated to my diet so I don’t think theirs a problem there. As far as my training goes, my split looks like this (now for the 2 month clean bulk).

Day 1-Chest/Bi
Day 2-Legs/Abs
Day 3-Shoulders
Day 4-Back/Tris
Day 5-Rest or abs/cardio

Any suggestions on the supplements I could take for a lean bulk? Since I’m new to this I’m not sure what to take but some of the things that come to mind are up your mass, a good pre-workout (possibly 1mr), anabolic/recovery post workout, bcaa during workout of course, possibly waxy maize after? Would appreciate any suggestions or ideas.

Look up “MD’s Ultimate Glucose Disposal Agent”. Very comprehensive set of active ingredients.

If cost is no issue you might try Indigo 3G which this site sells (quite expensive).

That’s my limited advice for what it’s worth.

[quote]deathb4dishonor wrote:
planning to enter my first contest in January.

currently I’m 215lbs. with 7% body fat.[/quote]
6’2" and a very lean 215 is pretty frickin’ big, man. (I saw your height in a previous thread). However, if you’re serious about competing in January, I’m not sure what the point of bulking for a few weeks is.

Do you have any current pics? That would give us an even better idea of what’s what right now.

I have a feeling you might be underestimating the work it takes to get contest-level ripped.

Depending on exactly when in January your contest is, I’m not sure if bulking for 8 weeks and then jumping right into a contest-prep diet is the smartest idea. The Mighty Stu would be a great guy to get some advice from on this.

Not trying to be a buzzkill here, but it all depends on how serious you are about attacking this first contest full-out, rather than doing it just for the sake of doing it. January isn’t all that far away, when we’re talking about contest prep.

I understand fully chris but I should be able to post some pictures here shortly just to give you an idea of where I’m at but any suggestions on supplements? The guy who I talked to about doing a 2 month lean bulk is a professional bodybuilder and he told me he would be able to get me contest ready in 3 months, his name is patrick richardson, one of the only ifbb pros in raleigh, nc.

[quote]deathb4dishonor wrote:
I understand fully chris but I should be able to post some pictures here shortly just to give you an idea of where I’m at but any suggestions on supplements?[/quote]
It’s kinda hard to just talk about supplements, since they work in conjunction with your training and nutrition. This Shelby Starnes article has some good info about designing a clean bulk-type of diet, he also mentions some supps at the end.

In general, and depending on your budget, I’d say including supps like creatine (to add some quick size and strength), Receptormax (to help keep gains as clean as possible), a high quality protein like Grow! or Metabolic Muscle Growth, and workout nutrition like Surge Recovery or Anaconda. You can see info on all of those here:

Okay, cool. I didn’t know you were working with someone face-to-face. Since that’s the case, I’ll definitely default to what he says he can do with you. Live attention almost always trumps Internet diagnosis. :wink: