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Lean Mass Plan Diet Review

Hi guyz,

Currently 1m68 / 69kg / 10-12% bf

I train 4 day a week (Monday, Tuesday, Rest, Thursday, Friday, Rest, Rest, REPEAT)

I would like to bulk up a bit, my objectives are to get mass but not to become too fat…

Below is the diet plan I have elabored, your critics, advices, tips and any comments are welcome

7h :

5 Whole eggs
150gr Oats
1 Fruit (orange mostly)
2gr Oméga-3 + Multivitamines

P : 52 / G : 110 / L : 37 / 980 kcal

10h :

25 gr whey isolate
1 fruit

P : 23,5 / G : 24 / L : 0 / 190 kcal

13H :

100gr lean meat
150gr rice / quinoa
1 CAS olive oil
at least 200g vegetables

P : 41 / G : 120 / L : 13 / 755 kcal

16h/16h30 :

25 gr de whey isolat
15g almonds on OFF day
1 banana

P : 23,5 / G : 24 / L : 0 / 190 kcal ON
P : 27,5 / G : 24 / L : 8 / 285 kcal OFF

Training session:
6g citrulline malate (+ 200mg caféine) + 10g bcaa

100g waxy maize
20g peptopro

30 gr isolate
10 gr de glutamine
5g de créatine
1 banana

700 kcal

1 hour after :

150 gr fish (lean or fat)
100g rice
1 CAS olive oil
1 CAS nut oil
at least 200g vegetables
2gr Oméga-3

P : 46,5g / G : 82g / L :24g / 600 kcal

Before bed:
30gr de caséine

P : 24g / G : 2g / L :0,5g / 107 kcal

WHOLE DAY ; P : 246g / G : 476 / L : 68g / 3500kcal ON


Well your nutrition looks good and supplementation as well. I am 161 pounds currently doing the same thing, putting on lean mass without excess fat, so we seem pretty similar in weight at least. For a guy who is 69kg, my initial thought is 3500 cal daily training only 4 days a week might be too much, unless you have a very, very fast metabolism. Ultimately, posting your diet is helpful, but the only way to know if it’s “good” or “bad” is if it gives you the desired amount of calories and macros that you need to accomplish your goal. If this nutrition plan is too significant of a caloric surplus, then it’s not optimal. But again food choices look very solid.

Have you been tracking your calories currently and have a very good idea of what your maintenance is? If you do, try starting by adding a 10% surplus, ride that for a couple of weeks and take data on the results. Keep an eye on the scale, but more importantly keep an eye on conditioning and use the mirror. If you gain a pound of muscle and lose a pound of fat the scale won’t move, but over time you’ll see the results in your pictures and in the mirror. Adding LBM without adding fat is a very slow, very steady process when executed properly.

One thing I notice, your first meal of the day is 980 cals, which just IMO is too much, especially for a 69kg guy. 5 whole eggs along with 150gr oats is a very high fat, high carb meal. If you eat this regularly and tolerate it fine, that’s awesome. If not, I’d recommend doing like 2 whole eggs and egg whites for the rest. Having high fats AND high carbs in the SAME meal lead stop more potential for adipose fat storage. Again this might not apply to you, but in general if you have a high carb meal, fats should be kept to a more moderate level.

I also think your protein is too high. You are about 151lbs, you’d be ok at 180-200g protein. I’m 161 and getting 180g protein per day, which is totally enough to keep growing, and also leaves me more room for carbs. There’s nothing wrong with eating as much protein as you are, but research shows anything after 1.2 grams per pound isn’t attributing to LBM, and you may be better off putting those calories in the form of carbs as you try to make gains.