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Lean Gains Setup


So I have been looking at getting my diet in check to go along with my first dedicated lifting routine (5/3/1) and the most appealing long term diet seems to be lean gains.

It is a 16 hour fast/ 8 hour feed protocol with the following guidelines:

20%+ caloric surplus on workout days
-20% caloric defecit on rest days

2800kcal workout day
1920kcal rest day

1920-40% (192g) protein
30% (144g) carb
30% (64g) fat

2800 - 40% (280g) carb
40% (280g) protein
20% (62g) fat

workout day macros - high protein - high carbohydrate - moderate fat - 40%P40%C/20%F
Rest day - high protein - fat carb 50/50 - 40%P/30%C/30%F

I am around 25-30 percent body fat, though I could be way off as I am going off an educated guess comparing my body to online pics of other with dexa scans etc.

My TDEE for 4 days lifting a week with three days rest is 2400 give or take a few calories. So I have 2800 calories on work days and 1920 on off days

I am just looking for clarification from people who have experience on lean gains and how they felt and performed.


If you are trying to drop bf%, quiet a few people have said doing a recomp is basically spinning your wheels because you aren't in a calorie deficit. 0/-20% would be a better option, or even lower while keeping your workout days at maintenance. Also I don't believe you are cycling the carbs/fats enough in the regards to LG protocol