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Lean Gains and Paleo?

Anyone have any luck combining these 2 methods?

lean gains > paleo

(ie. when > what)

Have fun eating 2-3 huge meals of just protein and fat.

Yes, a lot of people have tried this, but why not just do one or the other. You can find some blogs written by popular paleo enthusiasts about trying out lean gains. A lot of them ended up eating the starches and having better success. Just do lean gains as it’s written if you’re going to do it.

so basically gluten free lean gains?

I was seeing a Kinesiologist/post rehab specialist and he put it in my head to never take another whey protein shake supplement or vitamin again. well honestly after about a year of trying to make food work and even seeing a nutritionist who advocated getting more non meat protein sources than meat sources, I gave up on “professionals”.

I took a visit to a real MD for some bloodwork and I asked him about the whole supplement issue. When I brought up my rehab trainers advice he looked at me like I was insane and said that he’s a huge fan of both whey and creatine and their ability to treat degenerative brain issues aside from just being great tools for an athlete. Needless to say I won’t be visiting that trainer ever again.

I’m digging the paleo aspects and philosophy (I hate calling it paleo by the way) but I’m not obsessed about the recreation only about the health benefits and if fat adaptation is best or adding in some white rice and white potatoes would help, then getting into the whole nutrient timing aspect. leaving out gluten, corn, soy and dairy besides a good clean whey and maybe yogurt has already made a world of difference for me cognitively.

that being said if I went strict with the paleo stuff I’d have to eat a shit-ton of sweet potatoes

I just pop the yams or sweet potatoes in the oven without peeling and the skin comes right off when they’re done, making it more convenient to eat so many of them. That, and I eat similarly large quantities of fruit to what martin eats.

So yeah I’ve done paleo/IF in the past and I’m doing it now, but I go with the 90% compliance rule for paleo eating.