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Lean Fish Sources?

Other than canned tuna, what are some options for lean fish?

(yes, yes, i understand the wonders of fatty fish).

hell most of then. most of your white fish are low in fat. Tuna is actually pretty darn high in fat the high quality parts of the tuna not that stuff used in chunklight.

I like orange roughy AWESOME fish. Pollock good and cheap, Tiliapia (sp), all your shell fish, bass, flounder, etc. etc.

salmon is good

Orange Roughy is excellent, Cod!, tilapia, bass.

Actually I have a card that lists all the low mercury content fish out there, the best you can get are: Anchovies, Butterfish, Whitefish, Sardines, Sturgeon, Tilapia, Herring, Shad, Trout(freshwater), Perch. This data is from the NRDC(Natural Resources Defense Council). Personally when finances allow, Trout is my choice.

Yo, please do not eat ORANGE ROUGHY (aka “slimehead”). These fish do not reproduce quickly enough for the present scale of human consumption. They don’t even reach sexual maturity until 25-30 years old, and then carrying less than 10 percent of the eggs of an average fish species. They grow very slowly and are the longest-lived known fish, up to 150 years!

Fittingly, for an older aged fish, there is a severe mercury advisory for orange roughy.



BTW, my personal favorites are white perch and smelt, from inland Canada.