Lean Eating Machine

Ive recently lost alot of mass due to an accident, and am getting back into the game. To put on muscle as fast as possible, I understand caloric intake must be high, food must be eaten often, and protein intake must equate to 1 gram per body pound at the lowest. Is it okay for me to eat basically anything? I am not worried about fat accumulation, as I have trouble putting even fat on.

If that is true, then all i do when massing is supplement with upto 150g of powdered protein a day, eat tons of carbs and meat, loads of fruit, breads and PB, bagels, jams, cereals, chicken breasts 3-4 a day, pizza, burgers… everything, but avoid certain shit like pies, crisps, chips etc… and make sure the protein is there.

This works for me and i only seem to gain an acceptable amount of fat too… :stuck_out_tongue:


I on the other hand am a former fat boy and the thought of bulking with a gross excess of calories is a little scary to me. I would suggest frequent meals consisting of lean protein sources, carbs from whole foods, and some good healthy fats. Since you don’t put fat on that easily I would still suggest the same thing, though you can be a little more liberal with your caloric values. Oh, and time a good amount of protein and carbs around your workouts, Surge is great.