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Lean Eating II


I was re-reading the great article mentioned above and it says to avoid MOST lunchmeats and in all reality I dont like lunchmeats to begin with, but what about roast beef? Say twice a week. Good? Bad? Avoid at all costs?


Also what sources of fat can I get seeing as I am not getting to much right now other then a bit from milk/yogurt and a lil cooking oil. Is cheese good? Cottege cheese?


Fats - Flax, olive, almonds, most nuts (not peanuts)


Oh I forgot fish oil too


I was also re-reading a pretty good article. Check out "High Precision Nutrition"


Cook with olive oil, don't cook with fish and flax oil. Most people, as far as I know, take ~1-2 tbs of those oils and just chug them to add some fat and a huge amount of calories with their meal.

Natural peanut butter (lists only salt + peanuts under ingredients) is good for fat too.

I dunno about the "lean eating" so these may not be choices for you, but tuna packed in oil is an amazing product, protein + fat in one package, and whole eggs (the white is protein-rich, yolk is fat-rich) are good too.


Lunch meats are highly processed and loaded with not only sodium but carcinogens. Better to cook a steak and slice it thin yourself if you want a roast beef style sandwich.


My staples basically consist of
Eggs, Oatmeal, Toast, Yogurt, Fruits, Veggies, Chicken, Fish, Tuna, Chilli, Stirfries, Cheese, A little bit of milk, Protein Powder + gatorade for PW....maybe a few other things. I guess ill be looking to add some natural pb and almonds in there somewhere and no lunchmeat for me.

Another question tho I was eating this chunky beef soup the other day.
6g of fat (2saturated)
44g of carbs (10fibre, 6sugar)
21g of protein

I thought, wow this is too good to be true then I saw...."Sodium 1700mg"...as far as the ingrediants go..."beef, carrots, potatoes, salt, corn starch..... Seems to good to be true, question is, all that sodium cannot be good for you, right?