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Lean Cholecystectomy = Possible?

Hi. First post. Long-time lurker. I’m 22, 5’6" and about 18-19% body fat, mostly in the waist area. I’ll explain below why:

Four months ago, I had to undergo cholecystectomy for a badly inflamed gall bladder, and couldn’t work out on the doctor’s advice for 3 months. And what a difference 3 months of not working out makes; well that, and completely dropping the clean eating habits I used to have (it’s easy when you’re depressed about not being able to go to the gym, see. Well in my case at least).

I haven’t taken before and after pics, but let me just say I’m terribly out of shape at this point.

I’ve gone back to the gym since, my coach put me on an EDT program and while I feel good about being back, I have been having a hard time losing the weight, even when I’m eating as cleanly as I used to, before the surgery. On top of that, the 3 people I know who went through the same procedure now have terrible, terrible hip-to-waist ratios.

I have not been endowed with the best genes either (while my arms and legs are lean and muscular, I’ve never been one of those tight-waisted men)

So the question here’s, am I doomed, and that it’s a whole different world without as powerful fat-digesting bile? :frowning: I’d especially like to hear about those who had to go through/are going through a similar experience. Thanks in advance, I appreciate all your input.