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Lean but strong

I am a 23 year old newly elite powelifter in the 275lb weight class, currently i am 270lbs and 6’2. I am actually tall for my weight class, but for health reasons do not want to be at 308. I have been doing a series of cutting and bulking diets over the last year in order to eventually be close to my weight limit, but very lean. I know this is a several year project, but my question is what is a realistic bodyfat percentage at say 270lbs to shoot for that will not inhibit strength gains? Thanks

I just want to say O-guard that I like your weight cycling approach. I think its a very effective way of increasing relative strength for many reasons. The leaner you stay, generally the more room you have to work with in your weight class…after each down/cutting/or weight dropping phase - your system should be primed for an increase in strength. With each cycle you should be stronger for a given bodyweight, when you can no longer do this its probably time to move up in weight.

I agree with Kelly. Cycling is a very good fat loss approach. Weekly cycling might be even better to allow you to loose fat while gaining muscle.

I see no reason why a 270lbs man cannot be strong and under 10% body fat. Going under 5-7% might not be a good idea in your case (increased risk on tendons injury) but 8-10% is certainly a good objective.