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Lean Bulking vs Getting Fluffy

When bulking using pharma, have you guys seen any benefit to eating a bigger surplus than say 300-500? Or do you seem to get the same results while staying relatively lean, with physiological levels of hormones I vehemently believe that all you need is a small surplus to maximize gains, but I haven’t done enough AAS cycles at varying surpluses to confirm if the same seems to hold true

Getting fluffy = excess cardiovascular strain, potential insulin resistance, harder to drop off the pounds/lean out afterwards.

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I think this depends on how fat you are when you start. If you’re over-fat then you can get away with a smaller surplus (250-500). If you’re already lean, it’s going to have to be higher since you don’t want to dig into your muscle for that extra energy

Think about how much calories it actually takes to build muscle though. A pound of muscle has about 700 calories but takes about 2800 calories to actually build. Let’s say you’re on a 3 month AAS cycle. If you have good genetics and are using the right compounds, with diet and training on point, you might pack on 10 pounds of actual contractile tissue (not dbol bloat or intramuscular water which still counts as lean body mass)

10 lbs x 2800 = 28,000 cal / 90 days = 311

By this reasoning I feel there wouldnt be much benefit to going much higher. (Keeping in mind that putting on size increases metabolism, so 3000 calories at week 1 might be a 300 calorie surplus, but 3500 calories at week 10 might still be a 300 calorie surplus)

I think a lot of people forget about this. When not using AAS the difference is so minimal you wouldnt notice it from month to month. But on a cycle its a completely different story.

I had a year off everything (training, AAS) and started back at 94kg 15 weeks ago. Im now 112.7kg around 20-22% bf from one cycle and the difference is huge. I was gaining 0.5kg a week for the first part on 4k calories. Now ive been stuck on 112.7kg eating 5k cals a day for the last 2 weeks. I have just started full time work again so if i dont up them again ill probably start losing weight.

I know ive put on some fat although fat calipers are reading very similar to the beginning. A good portion of that 18kg is water retention but the results are truely night and day.

Muscle memory is awesome.

To the point of your initial post, i dont mind adding a few pounds of fat if im milking the cycle/blast for all i can. First 2-3 weeks of a cut and thats gone anyway. Subsequent blasts i would be a little more careful with cals, sticking around the 400 surplus as the results from this are mostly the fact that ive been this big before.

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I don’t like to get any fatter on a bulk than what would take 8 weeks at cutting pound a week tops to get rid of, ideally less

I would probably stick around the 5 weeks at a pound a week once i reach my goal of 14-15% bf. I was around the 20% mark when i started this cycle, so far from lean. Once im where i want to be im not going to want to get too far away from that with blasts.

I guess it all come down to your goals. For strong man and powerlifters it probably wouldnt matter as much to them. I would like to take the physique/powerlifting route so looks do matter to me.

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