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Lean Bulk

Hello all, I was wondering if you anyone could give me any advice on increasing my LBM while not gaining a boatload of fat.

I have read through some older threads about bulking and most suggest that (from JB articles) you should be at a lower bf%, does it really matter?

Also this will be my first bulk phase, but I’m already eating 6 meals a day and try to follow p-c and p-f as best as possiable. Thank You

Roc I bumped a thread that RIT Jared started and we all chimed in and it exploded into a great thread.

" Bulking Tips for Newbies"

Link in case it gets buried=

  1. Yes, it does help A LOT to be at a fairly lean level when you start a bulk. You are going to put on more BF when you bulk and if you are allready overfat, to much, then it will tewnd to go on as more fat instead of LBM.

  2. Good, you should be eating multiple meals every day. Even more so if you are cutting to keep you metabolism from stalling.

Hope this helps,
any further ?'s fire away.


you probably know this already, but aim for 2g of protein per lb of bodyweight

We had a huge thread about this last year, and one of the things to remember when trying to do this, is that it will take a lot longer to do. So be patient and slowly add muscle while keeping off the fat.

If you try to bulk too quickly, you will put on fat quicker than that little Asian guy can eat 40+ hotdogs!

Keep up with GPP/HIIT training in addition to a very clean diet with slow and steady increases in calories, while getting plenty of protein and using a very good weight training program.

Thanks guys for bumping that bulk thread, and for providing info on this thread.

Anyway a few more questions what amount of carbs should I be shooting for, .5 or .7?

Also how important is it to keep fats under control. For example most of my fats usually come from nuts (almonds, walnuts), natural PB, or olive oil ( read Italian this one alot) and also Salmon and other fish here or there and meat. Most of the fats I feel are “clean” for the most part but correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks guys this all I can think of as now, but I’ll post more later.